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Spectacular Science – 4th of July Activities

This is an encore posting from June, 2011 on 4th of July science activities. Many areas in Colorado have cancelled their fireworks displays this year due to extremely hot and dry conditions. Here are some ways to celebrate without fireworks or firecrackers…

Independence Day is the absolute best of summer – picnics, barbecue, fireworks and family fun. Are you looking for something to keep everyone entertained during your 4th of July summer picnic? We have some suggestions for summer learning fun…Fourth of July celebrations.

Before you watch the rockets red glare, how about firing off some of your own rockets, making your own ice cream and designing your own light show?  Here are some of our recommendations to make your 4th of July barbecue sizzle.

Start off simple but spectacular and shoot Red, White and Blue Soda Geysers using a Geyser Tube, Mentos, 3 bottles of Diet Sprite or another clear soda. Color two of the sodas using red and blue food coloring. Strawberry soda and blue Mountain Dew Voltage also works.  Drop the Mentos in for your own daytime fireworks show. Top it off with your own Smoke Rings or  giant backyard bubbles.

Test the power of your sunscreen or just monitor the intensity of the sun with a red, white and blue UV Bead bracelet. Purchase a packet of red UV beads, string them on blue cord. The sun sensitive beads start out white inside the house, then turn red in the sunlight. Get it? Red, white and blue for the Fourth. We crack ourselves up.

At dusk is when the real fun begins. Take out your own hand-held light show. The White Lightning Stick is an ordinary styrofoam tube that becomes strobing, color-morphing fun. There’s nothing like seeing a bunch of kids running wildly through your yard yielding flashing lights.  Use it to teach about the effects of color mixing or just entertain while waiting for the fireworks show to start.


When the fireworks start, pull out your Fireworks Rainbow Glasses to see the display in a whole new light. You’ll never want to watch another fireworks display with your naked eye again.

Have a happy Star Spangled 4th of July from all of us at Steve Spangler Science.

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