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  • UV Color Changing Beads

UV Color Changing Beads

Quick Overview

Become an UV detective with amazing UV-sensitive beads - Now in green!
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Color Changing Energy Beads (Approx. 250 Beads)
Color Changing Energy Beads (Approx. 1000 Beads)
Color Changing Energy Beads (Approx. 2500 Beads)

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We know that the sun gives us the light we need to see, even if we can't see it all! So, how do you teach young scientists about something that is nearly invisible, like ultraviolet light? Our favorite, and most colorful, way to demonstrate UV light is by using our UV Color Changing Beads. These tiny beads appear white while indoors, but take them outside and watch the ultraviolet-sensitive pigment change to blue, green, orange, purple, red, and yellow!

UV Color Changing Beads are the perfect tool for testing sunscreen and sunglasses, or creating gorgeous works of art using the science of the sun. It's no surprise that these special beads are hugely popular with both science teachers and summer camp leaders… there is just nothing like them! UV Color Changing beads can change over and over again or be left in the sun without fading. They really are a sun science must-have!

Looking for beads in particular colors?

What's Included?

UV Color Changing Beads - 250-pack
  • Approximately 250 beads of assorted colors
UV Color Changing Beads - 1000-pack
  • Approximately 1000 beads of assorted colors
UV Color Changing Beads - 2500-pack
  • Approximately 2500 beads of assorted colors

We include an (approximately) equal number of each color.

What Does It Teach?

UV Color Changing Beads harness the power of ultraviolet rays to change colors right before your eyes. Use the beads to teach kids about the ultraviolet radiation and the care that needs to be taken to prevent the damage it may cause. Ultraviolet (UV) light is the invisible radiation that will give you a sunburn and injure your eyes if you're not careful. Sunglasses and sunscreens absorb UV photons. You can test their protective qualities by using your UV detecting beads.

Science Fair Connection

You can't just put UV Beads in the sun and call it a science fair project. You're just demonstrating the concept -- these beads change color in ultraviolet light. To make the UV Beads activity a science fair project, you have to change something (identify a variable), run some more tests, and make some comparisons.

  • Find several different types of medicine bottles and test to see which one is the most effective in blocking the damaging UV rays. Be sure to use the same number and color of UV Beads and expose the beads to the light through the bottle for the same amount of time to standardize the conditions as much as possible.
  • Examine the UV-blocking powers of different sunglasses.
  • Test different sunscreens by placing UV Beads in a zipper-lock bag and covering the bag in sunscreen.

Remember, you have to keep all other factors the same. Use the same light sources and the same number of beads. There are many ways to use UV Beads for a science fair project. We have written up a sample science fair experiment called The Sunscreen Factor that walks you through a project step-by-step. If you are interested in a simple, straightforward, and quick science fair project, be sure to check it out. It doesn't do the work for you... you wouldn't want that anyway, right? It does give you a template to follow to ensure that you use the scientific method, control your variables, and document your discoveries.

Additional Information

Product FAQ
  • What  are the dimensions of an energy bead?
    Each energy bead is approximately 6mm x 9mm and the hole size is approximately 4mm.

  • Do the beads fade over time?
    After we left the beads out for the entire day and brought them inside, they returned to white.

  • How long do the beads last?
    We still have some of the original batch from a couple of years ago that are still going strong.

  • Are the colors in the 1,000 pack packaged separately?
    Yes, the colors you get are red, orange, yellow, blue, purple and now green!

  • How many bracelets will the 1,000 pack make?
    In general, a good bracelet requires 12-15 beads, which means you can make about 65-85 bracelets with the 1,000 pack of beads.

Warning - Choking Hazard

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  1. Fantastic! The colors were immediate and very bright under sunlight and still reacted quickly on a cl review by Weird Science Teacher on 7/12/2014

    These beads are awesome! In addition to the experiments suggested with suntan lotion, sunglasses and various kinds of bottles, I had also read "The Mixed-up Chameleon" by Eric Carle as suggested in the Story Time Slime class. We discussed the myth of camouflage vs. the true reasons chameleons change color: emotions, heat and mating. As suggested in the class I had made a key-chain lizard and used your portable black light to activate the beads. The kids were WOWed by them since we were in a windowless classroom and the fluorescent lights didn't do anything to them. Being in the dark a few minutes with the black light brought quick results though we didn't activate the beads fully due to time. This gave them a good idea that there were various kinds of lights and not all emitted UV light....more experiments to try at home!

  2. Florida Fun review by Jacob Peter Deavern on 4/30/2014

    These beads made my kids have fun in the sun! It's always sunny here so obviously my kids can play with them in winter! Thanks again Steve, your the best!

  3. Great Product review by Andrew on 3/24/2014

    I use these beads with my 1st graders to talk about sun safety. During the testing phase, we discovered that some of the beads started to turn a faint color under a lamp with a 100 watt bulb. I thought they only changed colors when exposed to UV light.

  4. UV detector! review by Heather on 1/17/2014

    These were great fun! We made "flowers" with pipe cleaners and and put them on a small pot. Then the kids could tell if their plant was getting enough sunlight to grow!

  5. UV color changing beads review by Wendy K. on 4/30/2013

    I love the uv color changing beads. I use them on St.Patrick's Day. The little leprechaun leaves my kindergarten kids a surprise in baggies with a pipe cleaner and some beads. The poem tells the kids to take the beads out in the sun for some fun.

  6. Beads are Great review by William on 3/16/2013

    Using these beads for demonstration purposes. They work as advertised. Really helpful to show people when they need to be careful with UV exposure.

  7. Great fun and great learning! review by Terri on 2/14/2013

    My daughter has been asking for these for 2 years! FINALLY, we found this website and ordered them. She is 9 years old and has so much fun with them and she likes to tell everyone the scientific way they work!

  8. love.these.beads! review by Beth on 1/3/2013

    My niece, age 7, and nephew, age 4, loved making necklaces then taking them out to see what colors they became! Quite fun!
    Next, we'll check our sunscreen!

  9. Just OK review by Ginny S. on 11/12/2012

    I used these beads to teach a mini-unit on the power of the sun. It was part of a 4 day long Space Camp. These beads were just okay. I purposely purchased them from Steve Spangler because I wanted the best, brightest colors. I had used them 2 years ago and they were VERY bright colors. This year's batch were not very bright and I could have gotten the same results with the less expensive brands. It was a VERY sunny day. Too bad. This is the second time that I have repurchased a SS product and had less impressive results than my first experience. I teach K-2nd Grade enrichment programs for a recreation department.

    Oh no! We don't want you to be left disappointed after a second go-round with our products. One of our customer service representatives will be contacting you soon to rectify the situation. Our beads should always display vivid colors, and this sounds like something went very wrong.
    -Steve Spangler Science Web Team

  10. Summer camp must! review by Brooke Nelson on 10/12/2012

    UV beads are great to show the effects of sun exposure and sunscreen use, especially during a summer camp. I used these with incoming 2nd-5th graders and you could have heard a pin drop while they were working with them. To bring UV exposure home, have amber-colored prescription bottles on hand. One member of a pair has his/her beads in the bottle, the other in their hand. What happens? Try it!!

  11. Gorgeous colors! review by Yocheved on 8/24/2012

    I am so impressed with how fast these beads change back and forth, and how vibrant the colors are. My 9 year old daughter is going to make bracelets to sell to all the kids in the neighborhood, and teach them about sun safety in the summer (you put your sunscreen on the beads too, and when they start to turn colors, you know it's time to put on more sunscreen).

    Thanks for making such a great product!

  12. Very Sensitive! review by Cynthia Baumann on 7/31/2012

    I used the beads in my class titled "The Atmosphere" for children ranging from 4-8 years of age. Of course on the day that I needed to use the beads, the skies completely clouded over. However, knowing how sensitive these beads are, they still worked extremely well! Even better, I was able to demonstrate that UV rays can still penetrate through cloud cover, which is why we need to wear sunblock.

    I also demonstrated the beads under incandescent light vs. a black light, and they saw the reaction with the black light as well. This also helps to demonstrate that because UV comes from the sun, it is something different than light or heat that we feel from the sun. It's not something visible or can be felt. The subject of light waves is something that I can discuss in more detail with the older children.

    Thanks. It's a fun product.

  13. UV Beads are the Best! review by HOLLY MCKAY on 7/12/2012

    I was worried about doing my science lesson with these beads since it was such a cloudy day, but they still changed colors and was the perfect example to show the students that even on a cloudy day, there are UV rays present and they still need sunscreen.

  14. UV Beads review by julie kirsch on 6/20/2012

    Great students loved them!!

  15. WOW!!! review by wolf on 5/22/2012

    These beads are so cool! I like that you can test sunscreen on them and they are fun, but give you a lot of knowlege about prevening a sunburn!

  16. Safety Day Camp review by Tonya on 4/11/2012

    I LOVE THESE! We used them for an experiment at camp for sun safety....and they are EXCELLENT for EVERYTHING!!!

  17. Fun! review by Laurie on 4/2/2012

    Used these beads for a kindergarten class. They were so excited when we made bracelets and they walked outside and watched them change. Nice colors but not very bright.

  18. uv bracelets review by Mrs. Amy Sicina on 2/3/2012

    Great product for 7th grade science lesson plan!
    Students are studying structure and function of skin and how to care for the skin. Protection from the sun's harmful UV rays is a major theme. Students made "UV" bracelets incorporating a bead in the bracelet of various other decorated beads and charms of their choice. The bracelets are to remind them to be mindful of the amount of time spent in the sun. Students had a great day making personal bracelets while learning a lifelong protective message.
    Mrs. Sicina
    Minisink Valley M.S.

  19. Color changing beads review by Chris White on 12/9/2011

    My preschool class loves to go out to recess and watch the beads change color. Put them back into their pockets watch them turn white and watch the process start all over again. very cool product

  20. High Quality! review by Thelma on 11/30/2011

    I wanted to let you guys know that I've bought UV beads from you in the past that were awesome; however, I tried to save money and bought some from "educational innovations," last time, instead, and they were of much poorer quality. I'm sticking to Steve Spangler in the future for UV beads for my students, for sure! Thank You!

  21. UV Beads in the Arctic review by Sheila C. on 11/18/2011

    Are you interested in how UV Beads react in Iceland on a glacier in the mid to later afternoon in the rain and complete overcast sky?

    I bought the beads because my skin has an abnormal immune reaction (red and itchy) to UVA and I was interested in watching the beads' reaction in different situations. This was really surprising.

    Seems there is no escape from UV until the sun is completely set.

    Photo from January 28, 2012.

  22. Love these! review by Chris on 10/7/2011

    The kids can't stop trying to change the color of these beads. They've been playing "Mythbusters" and experimenting with these for days. every light in the house has been tried ("mom, we have to be thorough!") Last night, a bracelet was left in the refrigerator and one in the freezer to see if they react to the sun any slower than the room temp one. I bought the 1000 bead set and was thrilled when they arrived sorted by color. I can't seem to stop thinking of ways to use them to make things

  23. color changing beads review by Maggie Hunt on 9/28/2011

    Bought these for my daughter's science fair project and they were great. She love them and the best thing is she can use them to make bracelets and other crafts when she is done with her project.

  24. UV Beads review by Ingrid Woods on 8/14/2011

    We use these beads for grade 8 students to create an original controlled experiment. We the made bracelets out of their beads. This year we are going to make keychains as the string comes undone and the students don't really wear the bracelets.

  25. These Things Are Cool!!! review by Kurt M. Sprenkel on 7/30/2011

    They are really eye-catching, and my 6th graders love them.

    Not only are they neat science items which make a nice bracelet . . . but, they work well to teach the idea of personal health--the dangers of UV radiation--when playing in the sun.

    Good stuff.

  26. Great! review by Judy on 6/21/2011

    Used the beads when we did a summer session on the sun with the youth who assist with a community garden. They LOVED them! We began indoors talking about the sun (what did they already know, how did they know it, etc.) and had them make a bracelet. We didn't tell them what would happen when we went outside. They were WOWED! Went on to use different sunscreens, etc.

  27. UV beads review by Renee on 5/1/2011

    I ordered the UV beads and am so pleased with them. They change into very brillant colors when exposed to the sun. My grandchildren are planning on making bracelets with them.

  28. Sun Safety review by Mary Koenegstein on 3/6/2011

    We started using your color changing energy beads at last years Progressive Agriculture Safety Day. We use them at our Sun Safety demonstration. After a short presentation on why and how to be safe in the sun, the students make a bracelet using your beads. It helps them remember to wear sunblock and they have a fun time learning how and why to be safe in the sun. Even the adults are enjoying your product! Thanks!

  29. UV Beads Worth It review by Roger Davis on 2/25/2011

    These beads were a hit with the workshops I held for elementary and middle school aged kids. We found the quickest way to change the colors back to neutral was to put them in your pocket for about 5 minutes. Another application we found was to see how much sun came through windows (both house and car windows). The sunscreen experiment was great too. Practical because it showed us if we were getting too much sun while we were outside and fun because the kids loved to trade them!

  30. Amazing beads review by Deborah Easley on 1/11/2011

    These work great. The kids made bracelets and then tested sunscreen.

  31. Color changing beads review by Amy on 11/16/2010

    We used these to make bracelets and bookmarks for part of my daughter's 9th birthday party. They were a hit. The kids loved taking them out in the sun and then running back under the covered patio to have them go back to white. I worried that the boys she invited wouldn't really want to make anything with them but they loved the idea of making them into bookmarks. They tied them to the string and left them long so they could hang out of the end of their book. It was great.

  32. UV beads as gifts review by george zimmerman on 9/18/2010

    we have given bead packets containing ~12 beads and multicolored heavy string to children in many countries. when we can find it we use glow-in-the-dark string. they are universally appreciated, require no power and hopefully will stimulate investigation as well as wonder. we have suggested your experiments where possible and have added one of our own. when a group of beads are heated to ~350 F they will melt and assume the shape of the container (use metal or suitable container) while maintaining the color changing properties. in this way we have added animal and other shapes of interest to our gift line. thank you for a wonderful product!

  33. New Hit at McM Designs Bead Shop review by Diane McMullen on 9/1/2010

    We just started carrying your beads in our bead shop and what a hit. In less than one week, I had to order another batch of 1000 beads. The really cool thing is a gentleman was reading our news letter at our website and saw that we had the UV beads. He came to the shop and designed a necklace for his wife as a "little something extra" for her birthday. He said they spend a lot of time on the lake and she would love having beads that change colors when in the sun. It seems adults love these beads almost more than the kids do.

  34. Color Changing Beads review by Marilyn Daggett on 8/16/2010

    The beads worked great for a little craft project for an upcoming theme cruise (Quacker Cruise 2011). It is a good thing for me to be able to provide UV beads for people on a boat - especially for those friends who like to soak up the sun. That way they will know when it is time to re-apply sunscreen!

    This will be the same comment for the other beads purchased this month... I will have to send you a separate email. Apparently the file is too large for me to attach here...

    We took care of it for you Marilyn. Thanks for the review and have fun!
    - Steve Spangler Science Web Team

  35. Great group activity review by Kelly on 6/19/2010

    Very easy to do with a large group of kids, also interesting to show them that they can't change the color of the beads by just putting the bracelet near a lamp, they must go outside or use a UV black light.

  36. UV Beads review by Maria Y on 5/9/2010

    I used these beads with my son's Kindergarten class. It was a great hit. Along with the beads I also used the book "The Sun Our Nearest Star". IT was a great lead to discuss UV light. Everyone had a blast stringing the beads to makes braceletss. Even the teachers got involved and were asking me where I got them.

    I will definitely use them again. My son wont stop wearing his bracelet!!!

  37. Solar Beads review by Deb Alford on 3/17/2010

    The solar beads are wonderful and they amaze the students. I will definitely buy more of the beads to use in other activities.

  38. Fun way to learn about UV rays review by Chelsea on 2/16/2010

    THis is a different approach to show students the effects of UV rays.

  39. Exciting party activity review by Robin on 1/25/2010

    I purchased these beads as an activity for a 6th birthday science party. The beads were set up at a station with instructions for kids to count out (12) beads and put them on a string, then have an adult tie it into a bracelet. The kids (boys AND girls) enjoyed making the bracelets, then literally ran outside to see what would happen in the sunlight. They loved the mystery of what color their beads would become with UV exposure. The beads were inexpensive and a HUGE hit!

  40. So Much Fun review by Nicole Hall on 12/10/2009

    My students were impressed with the energy beads. We attempted the sunscreen experiment, but a windy day blew our bead bracelets around, so we'll have to retest at a later date. However, they did notice that if they did not carefully coat their beads with sunscreen, it was instantly obvious when they changed color along with their control set.

  41. UV Beads review by A. Wilson on 10/19/2009

    They work wonderfully. It is so interesting to see how they react under different light conditions and during different parts of the day.
    Unfortunately, they amounts of beads colours were not equal. Most were around 40, but only received 10 green beads. While your assembler maybe responsible, they appear to lack Quality Control. (While in a random basis it could be only one colour could possible be included in a shipment - the recipient would not appreciate the "randomness of the moment". Request greater attentiveness.)
    Zarah has taken care of the problem.
    Thank you.

  42. A Crowd Pleaser! review by Donna Stillman on 10/8/2009

    I enjoy demonstrating the color-changing beads and would like to see more colors added to the selection.
    However, the red is really more like dark pink and green is not very bright--more like mint green.

  43. UV Beads review by Ginny on 9/28/2009

    These bead were a wonderful visual aid for my pre-school class. They loved seeing the "magic" beads chnange colors in the sun. They also arrived quickly!!

  44. Community Service Kit Hit review by Andrea Kamens on 9/16/2009

    For our school's annual community service day held on Super Bowl Sunday, we focused on Health and Wellness. One project was 75 Fit Kid Kits for the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center, a clinic serving a low income population. Included were beaded bracelets we made with your Color Changing Energy Beads. Our families loved stringing the beads, the holes are big and the beads are strong. They were able to make quick checks to see the bracelets in action - they changed from white to brilliant colors in seconds even in the weak winter sun. We tested out sunglasses on some at home and they stayed white under the shades. We taped the finished bracelets to a writeup from the helpful information on your website about UV rays and sun protection, and included outdoor fitness toys, nutrition bars and SPF Chapstick in our kits. Thanks for helping with two great projects - teaching our own families about healthful living in a fun way and spreading the good word to the kids at the clinic. We especially appreciated that the product worked totally as advertised. It had the wow factor and ease of use. The entire ordering and shipping process was pleasant and the price was awesome! We had over 150 attendees at our event. There is no crafts activity we could have gotten for the price point of your bulk pack beads.

  45. These are so cool. review by Amandalynn Morton on 8/21/2009

    These are the neatest beads I have ever used. To watch them change colors in the sun is amazing. My nine year-old little sister is fascinated by them as well. I will be ordering more in the future for sure!

  46. UV beads review by Dr. Karen Carr on 7/21/2009

    Hi. I first bought UV beads 3 or 4 years ago, after our title I coordinator, Tanya Lorence (at Halpin ECC; Houston ISD) told the staff about your website. I used them with my granddaughter and grandnieces and grandnephew. Last year when my granddaughter was in kindergarten in Portland, Texas, I made bracelets with the beads for each of her classmates and took them, with refreshments, to her class to celebrate her birthday. I am doing the same thing this year. I have bought the Halloween kit, and many other of your products. Thanks, Karen Carr

  47. Great Product! review by Pam on 6/4/2009

    The kids at our Mad Scientist party loved making their bracelets and then watching them turn colors outdoors. It wasn't even a sunny day, so it just goes to show that UV rays are there even when the sun isn't! Wear your sunscreen everyone!

  48. UV beads! review by allison on 5/7/2009

    These beads are super cool - but I was shocked when I opened the package and realized that 250 beads were actually only about 1/2 of a ziploc bag!

  49. Energy Beads review by Rhonda Robinson on 4/7/2009

    These changed color alot faster than I expected. I used these at a science event for kids and sent a bracelet, they made, home to do a science experiment with parent's to get them excited about science too!

  50. Oooo's and Ahhhh's review by Kristi Beil on 2/24/2009

    Our homeschool group meets weekly and we are currently studying the solar system and the sun. We used both the sun print paper and the UV beads for our science experiments today and all I heard was "Ooooo!" and "Wow!" and "Ahhhhh!" The experiment directions on your website that accompany the product was SO helpful to all of us! During lunch I left the container of UV beads just sitting out so that kids could keep touching them and playing with them. It was so fun to "overhear" the kids noticing things like; "The blue ones turn color fast than the rest." So then I would encourage them to see what color changes next and next and next.

    We had 12 families all participating in the experiments with children ages 4-12. All of them wanted to know where I purchased the supplies and I felt very confident telling them where! I felt that the quality and the value of the products was well worth the discoveries we made!

    Thank you for making science so exciting!!!

  51. Sunscreenanator SciFair2010 review by The Mom on 1/25/2009

    Shipped fast and worked just as showed on the video.
    Wow, they change fast when you are trying to take a picture of them with a slow camera.
    They are fun to work with and the video showed a much better way to test them, we were going to put the beads in sunscreen but the video showed putting the sunscreen on the outside of the bag. This way we are going to give a bracelet to each classmate, and we all know what happens, they start out white but shen they walk outside they will get their suprise when they change colors. It will be fun and make them think.

  52. Great for teaching colors to 4's and 5's review by julie ross on 12/21/2008

    the preschool kids loved these! Lots of fun.

  53. Wonderful review by Barb on 11/27/2008

    My frist grade students were blown away by the color changing beads! We did it as an experiment, I told the kids that something would happen when the beads were exposed to sunlight (which is what we were studying). They learned that "something" in sunlight is different from the light in our classroom. We are moving on to new activities but this was a wonderful science/art project that they could take home and share with their parents!!

  54. All bead are not created equal review by Michael Holeman on 10/25/2008

    I really was not sure what to expect. I was warned that the UV beads do not get very colorful especially the yellow ones. I am here to attest that is not true. Any one who buys your beads will be very happy with what they get. Aside from there entertainment value they sever a necessary purpose. I wish I knew about these beads last spring so that I could make bracelets and necklaces for my young cousins before summer. However for those of use prone to cancer it will help all year round letting us know when we are at risk even in the winter. Thank you.

  55. Always a favorite review by Jennifer on 10/5/2008

    These are great for younger school-age kids. They illustrate how UV lights work. A great craft AND science activity for kids.

  56. Fun experiment review by stacey on 9/3/2008

    Gives students a chance to see how powerful the UV rays are of the sun.

  57. UV beads review by Kara Willoughby on 8/22/2008

    The UV beads were wonderful. They went great with the story "The Rainbow Fish" and the students were amazed when they went outside and their special fish scales changed colors.
    Great Lesson!!!

  58. Nice but ... review by Terry on 8/12/2008

    Ordered the 6-pack beads separated by colour. Put the purple under the sun and watched the colour changed immediately and was vibrant. Didn't think of trying the others out. One kid wanted an all yellow bracelet. Most the yellow DIDN'T change and a lot of broken pieces in this bag! (You should see her face, poor thing.:( ) Will call and ask for replacement. Put all out under the sun first. Otherwise, you will have to undo the bracelet to take out the bad ones. Also the colours are not as nice as the ad. Red looks like pink. Other than that. They are fun and look great with the blue cord.

  59. suprising sunny day review by Fiedler Family on 7/14/2008

    Had a Bday party for our 9 year old. 27 kids made a necklace with the beads, thinking they were just white beads. We went outside to do the Mentos in pop experiment, as the children walked out the door, we asked what was happening to their beads. They were all amazed and it was a great prank to pull on the kids. We really enjoyed the whole day with all the Steve Spangler products, thank you for all the fun, interesting and educational tols you provide!

  60. AWESOME review by Christine on 7/2/2008

    A total hit with my students! We used it to test SPF effectiveness. The kids are convinced it's necessary to wear sunblock even when it's cloudy outside!

  61. UV beads review by Bethany on 5/13/2008

    LOVE these beads! Great price for an awesome product. We used them at Vacation Bible School to make salvation bracelets. The teen and adult volunteers loved them too and wanted some for themselves; wish I would have ordered more. Ordering more soon!

  62. Fun in the Sun! review by Karen Baker on 4/19/2008

    If my students could write my reviews, they would give this item the highest marks! I bought these so we could test sunscreens and make UV bracelets. The kids are going to use them as reapply reminders this summer when playing out in the sun. They just loved the experiment and activity!

  63. AWESOME!! review by Kelsey & Ariel on 4/8/2008

    The beads we ordered are AWESOME!! We have yet had an opportunity to use the mentos experiment, but me and my sister love the UV beads! =)

  64. Fantastic! review by Kelly Croucher on 3/31/2008

    These will make such a nice party favor for my daughter's 7th birthday. (Of course, I'll have to set some aside for myself too!)

  65. What a hit! review by Meg on 2/28/2008

    My school's 6th grade Earth Science classes made bracelets with the color changing beads in conjunction with "hazardous weather" unit. Students conducted a lab on sunscreens, and then we made the bracelets and tested a select few beads with several sunscreen brands. The students loved it, and all the teachers that conducted this lesson agreed: It is quite the hit!

  66. UV Beads review by Barbara Stratton on 2/18/2008

    Great~ kids love them!

  67. Great fun at 6-year-old's birthday party review by Ethan Handelman on 1/8/2008

    We used these as part of a craft activity at my 6-year-old's birthday party. The kids loved them for bracelets and necklaces, and they even started attaching them to foam stickers to make pendants. Changing color in the sunlight led to much fun and discussion of UV light.

  68. Coloring Changing Beads review by AJ Lafferty on 12/13/2007

    All of the colors were very bright and changed immediately with a black light or the sun...We did the outdoor experiment with different SPFs before we did the bracelets. Lots of my students are still wearing the beads after a month.

  69. Color Beads work great! review by Lynda Kennepp on 11/12/2007

    We ordered these as an activity for girls at my daughter's birthday party. They really change colors fast! Great purchase to teach about sun safety!!

  70. Leprechaun Science Fun From Steve Spangler Science review by Angie on 9/17/2007

    Angie received the Leprechaun Science Kit from Steve Spangler Science at no cost to her in exchange for a review.  To read Angie's review in its entirety, please visit her blog
    - Spangler Science Team

    [This is] a ton of stuff for only $24.95.  What I love most about Steve Spangler Science is that all their kits come with enough supplies to do these experiments over and over again. 

    The Green Leprechaun Snow was a big hit with the kids and even bigger when this momma realized that once the snow dries it's reusable. 

    ...seemingly boring white beads were my girls' favorite when we discovered that adding a little sunlight created beautiful rainbow bracelets!

    The Worm Goo was also a big hit and probably my favorite. Add a little water and some green food coloring and you have instant worms! 

  71. Happy Science Mom review by Jenny Ellsworth on 9/6/2007

    My daughter is in kindergarden, and her school doesn't have a lot of science. They do have parent sharing, however, and she got to bring me in today. As a science mommy (my husband and I both majored in Physics), naturally I had to do some science. In 15 minutes.

    I was so excited I bought stuff from you way back in October. I brought in some energy beads and tornado tubes, and we went outside and tested everything, and I sent them home with a bracelet and tube each. The kids were so thrilled, and frankly so were the teacher and volunteer moms who were there. And I kept it to maybe 20 minutes, anyway.

    Your products are fun and inspiring and well-made. Yes, I could have done a science sharing day without you, but it would have been much less cool.

  72. I love them review by Cal on 8/12/2007

    I had just got my energy beads last monday and the next day it was really sunny out and i usedd them and they worked really great. I love these thing now i can start making things with them and enjoying them very much. Thanks

  73. AWESOME! review by Crazy on 6/13/2007

    My science teacher used these for a project when we were studying energy and heat. My classmates loves them and I am using them for my next b-day party!

  74. Great Product review by Jane on 5/30/2007

    It was like magic before my very eyes. Worked perfectly. Not sure what the other person from Texas was talking about.

  75. UV Beads are terrific review by Anita Brandon on 5/1/2007

    These were a HUGE hit with both Pre-K and KG students. When it's cloudy the colors are very pale & the yellow stays white; but the more sun the brighter the colors and the faster they change. They do take a few minutes to fade, and longer to go completely white again, but my students can't get enough of them. Months later they still work great. My only complaint is you don't get an equal amount of each color and I couldn't figure out how to block the rays with sunglasses and still see the beads without exposing them to the light. I wear my bracelet a lot here in California to remind me to put on sunscreen. I'm definitely ordering more. Thanks Steve!!

  76. texas sun review by Lee Ann Morgan on 4/5/2007

    I live in texas and thought these beads would be wonderful fun,But they do not get bright and fade out the longer they have been in the heat.I was very disapointed because you can not say we have no uv rays in texas its over a 100 degrees here and the sun is bright

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