Chemistry for Kids: Steve Spangler Science

Introduce children to that Steve Spangler Science “wow” factor with toys and kits that teach chemistry for kids. With our selection of chemistry toys and science kits, they’ll love to see what fizzes, bubbles, reacts and grows. Whether you’re looking for fun activities for after school, clever classroom science kits, STEM club activities or a science project that will make a gigantic impression, Steve Spangler Science is the place to be. From our giant science experiment library to our over 350 chemistry science kits, toys and products that take learning to the next level, you’re guaranteed to find something extraordinary here.

  • Insta-Snow PowderInsta-Snow Powder

    Insta-Snow® Powder – Fake Snow

  • Water Gel Starter SetWater Gel™

    Water Gel Powder

  • Magic Tree (5 Pack)Magic Tree (5 Pack)

    Magic Tree Crystal Growing Kit

  • STEM Camp

    STEM Camp (5 Complete Kits)

    $140.20 Sale!
  • Fire Bubbles and Exploding ToothpasteFire Bubbles & Exploding Toothpaste

    Fire Bubbles & Exploding Toothpaste

    $5.99 Sale!
  • Snowman Science Starter SetSnowman Science Starter Set

    Snowman Science Starter Set

  • Water Gel Test Tube

    Water Gel™ Test Tube

  • STEM Science Kit – Amazing ScientistSTEM Science Kit – Amazing Scientist

    STEM Science Kit: Amazing Scientist Chemistry Kit

  • Large Growing Alligator (30 pack)Large Growing Alligator (30 pack)

    Large Growing Alligator (30 pack)

    $35.99 Sale!
  • Blizzard in a BoxBlizzard in a Box

    Blizzard in a Box

  • Water Wizardry

    STEM Science Kit: Water Wizardry

    $17.49 Sale!
  • Science Magic

    STEM Science Kit: Science Magic

    $17.49 Sale!
  • Water Gel Starter SetWater Gel Starter Kit

    Water Gel™ Starter Set

  • Growing Polymer Creatures

    STEM Science Kit: Growing Polymer Creatures

    $12.50 Sale!
  • Insta-Snow PowderInsta-Snow Powder Starter Set

    Insta-Snow® Powder Starter Set


Chemistry Science Kits, Products, Toys and More

Our chemistry science kits, toys and experiments will show kids firsthand just how cool chemical reactions can be. Create snow with our Insta-Snow Powder, create some awesome explosions with our Geyser Tube® or observe just how big those Jelly Marbles will get when you just add water. Take bubbles to the next level, observe chemical reactions and light or check out our chemistry sensory selections that let children see, touch and experience chemistry like never before. Shop our huge selection of chemistry kits for kids.. Each of our products come with an activity guide, a teaching guide and insight to the chemistry behind why these science kits and toys react the way that they do. Chemistry for kids has truly never been so much fun!

Inspire the Next Generation of STEMologists with Chemistry Science Kit Gifts

Our chemistry kits for kids make great gift ideas. Whether you’re looking for holiday ideas, birthday presents or gifts just because, our selection of chemistry toys and science kits pair excitement with education. Give your children something fun and exhilarating to open, and encourage them to explore the world of science with our chemistry science kits. They’ll love it, and you can rest assured that you’re giving a gift that will foster learning and fun.

While you’re here, don’t miss our other amazing products, which have been specially designed to get kids excited about STEM subjects. Check out physics science kits and activities, fun with polymer, color science kits and more! Stock up on your lab supplies for all of your favorite Steve Spangler Science experiments. We’re your one-stop source for the best selection of products that will pique their imaginations and encourage them to ask science-based questions. Nurture those budding scientists in your home or in your classroom — with Steve Spangler Science chemistry science kits, products and more, adding some fun to your science curriculum has never been easier!

Join The Steve Spangler Science Club

Want STEM science kits delivered right to your doorstep? Join the Steve Spangler Science Club, and give children the gift of unique, science-based activities, experiments and more. Order one kit to start, or start a short monthly subscription at three months. Watch your budding scientists light up every time a new Steve Spangler science kit arrives, loaded with amazing experiments and activities that will teach them a whole range of scientific lessons and disciplines. 


Adult supervision required.