The Bubbles that Bond – Soapy Family Ties

Stacy Ratel and her children love bubbles. Really love bubbles.

On lazy summer days, Stacy and her two children are constantly moving from activity to activity. When the weather is just right – muggy, just before a rain with little to no sun – she brings out the bubble solution.

The Ratels are serious about their bubbles. They don’t make small, round, boring bubbles. They make giant, kid-eating bubbles. The kind that have a life of their own as they bobble and bounce around in the air before popping and spraying tiny soap droplets everywhere.

Making the bubbles is a family affair. Her oldest, Mark, helps to make the bubble solution to practice measuring and mixing – building a great math skill for later down the road.

Her youngest, Emily, is a Science Bubble Investigator – SBI. Emily discovers new techniques and ways to catch a bubble and not pop it. Soapy hands protect the bubble from dirt and oil and prolong its life.

Stacy also enjoys the enthusiasm they all share for creating wild and giant bubbles. When the enthusiasm dwindles, the kids are tired and ready for some quiet time. All moms enjoy the quiet after the bubble.

Bubble fun transcends the generations as Stacy credits her dad  for her bubble making expertise. When Mark was little, he was diagnosed with PDD and ADHD and was slow to speak. Stacy’s dad made a wand out of a hanger and put together a bubble mixture. The reaction from Mark was amazing. His first spoken word was “bubble.”

Stacy’s Big Bubble Recipe
1.  12 Cups of distilled water
2.  1  Cup of Ultra Dawn Dish washing detergent
3.  1/4 Cup of Glycerin
4. 1/4 Cup of Steve Spangler Super Duper Bubble Solution of Magic.
5. Let this sit forever, and then you should have a rootin tootin good bubble soup.

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  1. Star
    Star says:

    Stacy is such an amazing mom. While so many kids are watching drone TV or playing video games, Stacy always comes up with educational and fun scientific projects for her children. I’m so glad her hard work is finally recognized!!! Hooray for imagination!


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