Looking for Our Best STEM Kits?

It’s not just fun science kits in our bestseller collection. Our selection includes our best STEM kits as well. Our STEM kits combine multiple educational disciplines into easy-to-use lessons and instructions that encourage learning, exploration, and critical thinking in children. There’s a reason why our kits are among the best science experiment kits on the market. We aim to educate and entertain with every kit, creating lasting memories that foster scientific curiosity and exploration.

Best Science Kits & Science Toys

For more than 25 years, Steve Spangler Science has been bringing FUN to science, with these popular items! Introduce your kids to the best science kits on the market with our proven, customer-rated projects. Our fun science toys are specifically designed to bring a sense of wonder and joy to your little ones. By shopping our bestsellers, we’re offering you the absolute best science toys we have available.