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  • Bubble GlovesBubble Gloves

    Bubble Gloves

  • Clear Safety GlassesClear Safety Glasses

    Clear Safety Glasses

  • Geyser Tube® 20 packGeyser Tube® 10 pack

    Geyser Tube® Event Packs

  • Baby Soda Bottles Test Tubes & RackBaby Soda Bottles Test Tubes & Rack

    Large Plastic Test Tubes with Rack

  • Ultimate Dry Ice KitThe Ultimate Dry Ice Science Kit

    The Ultimate Dry Ice Science Kit

  • Bacteria Classroom BundleBacteria Classroom Bundle

    Bacteria + Germs Discovery Classroom Bundle

  • Physics Classroom BundlePhysics Classroom Bundle

    Observable Forces Classroom Bundle

  • Electricity + Sound Classroom BundleElectricity + Sound Classroom Bundle

    Electricity + Sound Classroom Bundle

  • Bubble Classroom BundleBubble Classroom Bundle

    Bubble Classroom Bundle

  • Classroom Science BundleClassroom Science Bundle

    Classroom Science Bundle

  • Rainbow Snow Classroom Bundle

    Color Mixing and Absorption Classroom Bundle


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A Passion for Learning and STEM Fun
The Steve Spangler Science story began in schools across the country as a traveling science show that demonstrated memorable experiments that kids loved. Today, we are the home to over 350 products, all available in our science supply store. Our science education supplies are developed by an awesome team of educators, scientists and engineers who are really just big kids at heart. The result? Science classroom supplies for teachers and schools that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

Lab Essentials and Science Novelty Items 

Shop our store for science education supplies, lab supplies and science kits that contain everything you need to perform Steve Spangler’s amazing science experiments. Here is where you’ll find those nuts-and-bolts items that are essentials in every science classroom, such as beakers, graduated cylinders, bottles, petri dishes, protective eyewear and test tubes. We also carry more novelty items, such as black lights, concentrate formulas for bubbles and iron filings.

Your Number One Science Education Store

Check out all that Steve Spangler Science has to offer by exploring our website. Shop by scientific disciplines, such as chemistry, physics and biology. You can also find what you’re looking for by visiting our science supplies and experiments that deal with specific units of study, such as air, force and motion or the solar system. Of course, you’ll never run out of ideas to keep your students on their toes when you visit our online experiment library, which will provide you with dozens of experiment ideas that will incite some “ooohs” and “ahhhs.” Want a new science experiment sent to your email each week? Sign up for our experiment of the week. From science supplies for schools to ideas and inspiration for the science classroom, we’re your go-to for a whole lot of fun! Interested in booking Steve Spangler at your school? Check out our Teacher Training information to learn more.

Science Classroom Supplies and More

Just like science teachers everywhere, Steve Spangler Science has made it our mission to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. We do this through hands-on learning, experiments and science classroom supplies that will blow your students’ minds. If you’re looking for some fresh new ideas in your classroom, you’re in the right place for creative science supplies for all ages — from middle school science labs and high school to elementary school and preschool.