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  • Fireworks Rainbow Glasses

Fireworks Rainbow Glasses - 15 Pack

Quick Overview

These colorful, paper-framed glasses will create rainbows.


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These special glasses are carefully crafted to reveal hidden rainbows in the world around you.  Specially crafted lenses use prismatic "scratches" to refract light into the entire light spectrum. If an item is giving off light, the amazing Fireworks Rainbow Glasses will turn it into a beautiful burst of colors. Want to show your parents? What about your little brother or sister? The frames are flexible and will fit most noggins.

Who wants to enjoy the happiness and joy of rainbows by themselves? No one! That's why we include 15 pairs of glasses for you and your entire group of friends. Don't wait any longer, brighten your day by getting your hands on amazing Rainbow Glasses. Great for viewing holiday lights and fireworks! Put on these colorful, paper-framed glasses that will create rainbows before your very eyes and you'll be amazed at the color in the world! Recommended for children ages 4 and up.

What's Included?

  • 15 pairs of Fireworks Rainbow Glasses
    • Mutliple colored frames
    • Colors may vary

**Never look directly at the sun.**

How Does It Work?

Rainbow Glasses have special lenses that bend and separate light into the colors of the spectrum. When you look through them, rainbows magically appear.

What Does It Teach?

Teach kids about the nature of light and color. Discover that light consists of "waves" that can be seen as color when bent or separated by a prism or these amazing rainbow lenses.

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  1. Mother of the Bride review by Dianne Hargrove on 5/22/2013

    We gave rainbow glasses as favors to the children at our daughter's wedding. They were a huge success and the perfect little gift. Thank you, Steve Spangler, for making a beautiful evening even more delightful.

  2. Amazing! review by Katherine Schuelke on 3/28/2013

    My students were first introduced to the Rainbow glasses during my lesson on refracted light. They LOVED them so much, I gave each student a pair for Christmas. They were amazaed that they could see the rainbows and the prismatic action. Truly a hit!

  3. Science club class review by linda Hopkins on 2/1/2013

    these glasses worked great the kids loved them

  4. Kids loved them review by CC on 1/3/2013

    we purchased the rainbow glasses for party favors for our son's 4th birthday. Most of the guests were between 3 yrs. and 6 yrs., with a couple older siblings who were 8yrs. The kids put them on and it was smiles all around at the party. Fun and simple.

  5. Rainbow Glasses - Great review by Ruby on 11/27/2012

    I love the Rainbow Glasses. I didn't order them in time this year, but next year I'm ordering more for an annual 4th of July party I attend in Pacifica, CA (where they still allow old-fashioned fireworks). I've been searching everywhere for them. Phantom no longer carries them. I was so happy to find some at Steve Spangler. They are really a hit among the grownups as well as the children.

  6. PERFECT PRODUCT review by Liz on 10/16/2012

    I ordered the rainbow glasses for my Sunday School class and they are just PERFECT! I'm also excited about you other products. Thanks you.

  7. Visible Light review by Marco on 9/27/2012

    This is an excellent tool to use for showing the spectrum of light. But, it is even better when the "White Lighting Stick" is also used. I teach 7/8th grade science and when the Lighting stick is used in conjunction with the Rainbow Glasses, it appears in slow motion. All the while, the students are still seeing the spectrum of light.

    This can also be used with-- placing Light sticks (Red, Green, Blue) on a screw with a hex nut and attach it to a drill bit. Spin the drill bit and the secondary colors will appear. Using this with the glasses, creates an amazing effect.

  8. Get Your Kids Interested... review by Michele on 9/4/2012

     Michele received the Leprechaun Science Kit from Steve Spangler Science at no cost to her in exchange for a review. To read Angie's review in its entirety, please visit her blog - Spangler Science Team

     As soon as I opened the box and my kids saw what it was, they were jumping up and down.  Steve Spangler Science makes learning about science really fun. My kids don’t even know they are learning, they think we are playing (shhhh, don’t tell).

    [The Rainbow Glasses] look like ordinary 3D glasses, but my kids had several hours of fun with these glasses last night.

    Watch [this] video and see how we created a cup of green snow. We just did a small cup full.

  9. Rainbow Glasses review by Paul Disantis on 8/22/2012

    The rainbow glasses are excellent for teaching concepts of light in an interesting and fun fashion, in my Science Teaching Methods class at Baldwin Wallace College. Over the years, I have introduced hundreds of my future teachers to your many outstanding products.

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