Science Bundle Packs and Gifts at Steve Spangler Science

Looking for some great gift ideas for that aspiring young scientist in your life? Our Science Bundle Packs and Gifts are a great way to spread the joy of learning and inspire your child to stay inquisitive. We’ve handpicked these science bundle packs with some of our best-selling products that are guaranteed to get kids excited about STEM subjects.

Science-Based Projects, Products and Experiment Bundles

Our hands-on science-based projects and experiments are kid-approved and come with just about everything you need to create something awesome. If other items are needed, you’ll find that they are easy-to-find household ingredients. Our science bundle packs and science-themed gifts are a great way to keep kids occupied, whether that is after school, during school holiday breaks and over the summer months. Each of our science experiments and science products are designed to bring that WOW factor to your child’s world, creating memorable experiences for learning that will stay with them — long after the experiment is over.

  • Test Tube Experiment BundleTest Tube Experiment Bundle

    Test Tubes Experiment Bundle

  • Family Fun Science Bundle

  • At-Home Science Bundle

  • STEM Electric Physics BundleSTEM Electric Physics Bundle

    STEM Electric Physics Bundle

  • STEM Science Kit Bundle – 5 packSTEM Science Kit Bundle – 5 pack

    STEM Science Kit Bundle – (5-pack)

    $120.00 Sale!
  • First Days of School Bundle

    Science Lesson Starter Bundle

  • Rainbow SnowRainbow Snow Bundle

    Rainbow Snow Bundle

  • Starter Science Kit Bundle

    Starter Science Kit Bundle – Kids’ Chemistry Sets

  • STEM Color Science BundleSTEM Color Science Bundle

    STEM Color Science Bundle

  • STEM Science Kit: Bundle of 4STEM Science Kit Bundle – 4 pack

    STEM Science Kit Bundle – (4-pack)

    $99.99 Sale!
  • Oobleck BundleOobleck Bundle

    Oobleck! Bundle

    $18.18 Sale!
  • Physics Classroom BundlePhysics Classroom Bundle

    Observable Forces Classroom Bundle

  • Bacteria Classroom BundleBacteria Classroom Bundle

    Bacteria + Germs Discovery Classroom Bundle

  • Deluxe Science Kit Bundle

    Deluxe Science Kit Bundle

  • STEM Science Kit Bundle - ASTEM Science Kit Bundle – 3 pack

    STEM Science Kit Bundle – Customer Favorites (3-pack)

    $84.12 Sale!

Bundles for Every Occasion

Get the entire family together with our Family Fun Science Bundle. Create super-fun polymer ice cubes with Holiday on Ice! Bundle. Create amazing and colorful snow with our Rainbow Snow Bundle. Each bundle pack creates so many amazing opportunities for your child to learn and get hands-on experience that will teach him or her the principles of science in physics, biology and chemistry.

Steve Spangler Science: Wowing Kids Everywhere for More than 25 Years

Shop here for all of your at-home or in-class science must-haves. Steve Spangler Science has been a trusted resource for children’s science education for almost three decades. From our traveling science show that wowed children and educators all across the country to our appearances on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, we’ve made it our mission to inspire and engage the next generation of STEMologists. Don’t miss our all-in-one science kits, which come with everything you need to create memorable experiments and experiences. Need some awesome science fair ideas to wow your class? Don’t miss our science fair ideas here at Steve Spangler Science. Our online library of Steve Spangler experiments are also a not-to-miss visit here on our website!