Sound Vibrations Science Experiments for Kids
The Sound of Science

What are the sounds of science? Let’s explore and see what we hear. At Steve Spangler Science, we aim to find out how the world around us works, while providing entertaining lessons with our signature wow factor to inspire the next generation of scientists. Our super fun, sound-themed products and kits will pique kids’ attention and create memorable experiences that will get them passionate about STEM. Our collection of experiments and activities are specially developed to focus on the science of sound, so you can create engaging lesson plans, perform exciting experiments and enjoy hands-on learning at home.

  • Palm PipesPalm Pipes

    Palm Pipes

  • Giant Energy Stick®Giant Energy Stick

    Giant Energy Stick® – STEM Toy

  • At Home Science - Screaming BalloonsAt Home Science - Screaming Balloons

    At Home Science – Screaming Balloon

  • Fire Bubbles and Exploding ToothpasteFire Bubbles & Exploding Toothpaste

    Fire Bubbles & Exploding Toothpaste

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  • Physics Classroom BundlePhysics Classroom Bundle

    Observable Forces Classroom Bundle


Hands-On Sound Experiments and Products

The Sound Science collection from Steve Spangler Science includes a variety of products, experiments and activity kits that are designed to get young scientists excited about learning. Each hands-on experiment and product puts a principle of sound in the palm of your budding scientist’s hand — literally. See how the sizes and the shapes of our Palm Pipes create vibrations, sound waves and music by tapping them in the palm of your hand. Our Sound Hoses make five different tones, which serves as a great introduction to Bernoulli’s Principle. Plan an exciting lesson about centripetal force and the science of sound with Screaming Balloons, an attention-grabbing lab that is guaranteed to keep young ones engaged. Enjoy these experiments at home or incorporate them into your classroom curriculum.


Sound of Science Products, Kits and Experiments

Each of our sound science products, kits and experiments come with everything you need to dig deeper into the sound of science, including instructions, in-depth explanations and ideas to take your experiment or activity to the next level. Our kits are designed to make science easy and fun for everyone involved. While our products, kits and experiments are designed with kids in mind, adults can’t help but love them, too. 

Shop our selection of over 350 products, each developed by a team of top educators, scientists and engineers to elicit oohs and ahhs. Our kits and experiments are thoroughly tested to make sure you’ll get the best results every time. At Steve Spangler Science, we like to go big, creating big impressions that will stay with STEM enthusiasts long after the experiment is finished.


Science Made Fun

While you’re here, check out the other Steve Spangler Science products that make chemistry, physics and other sciences accessible for young ones. Visit our online experiment library for science fair inspiration, check out our science kits and stock up on lab supplies, bundles and other deals. Steve Spangler Science has been in the business of making science fun for over 25 years and we’re proud to help inspire the next generation of scientists.