Chemistry Experiments At Home

Chemistry Experiments for Kids

Chemistry, or the interactions, reactions and changes in the chemicals that surround us, is a fascinating physical science. While many find the subject of chemistry intimidating, Steve Spangler Science makes this science approachable for young ones. We’ve taken what we’ve learned from entertaining and inspiring millions of kids to create some of the most fascinating and fun hands-on chemistry experiments you’ll find anywhere.

  • Big Bucket of ScienceBig Bucket of Science

    Big Bucket of Science Test Tube Experiments

  • Water Jelly Marbles - Clear SpheresVanishing Jelly Marbles

    Jelly Marbles – Water Polymer Beads

  • Water Gel Starter SetWater Gel™

    Water Gel Powder

  • Magic Tree (5 Pack)Magic Tree (5 Pack)

    Magic Tree Crystal Growing Kit

  • Colorful Growing Orbs

    Colorful Growing Orbs

  • Colorful Growing Orbs Test TubeColorful Growing Orbs Test Tube

    Colorful Growing Orbs Test Tube

  • Water Jelly Crystals Classroom KitWater Jelly Crystals

    Water Jelly Crystals

  • STEM Camp

    STEM Camp (5 Complete Kits)

    $140.20 Sale!
  • Water Gel Test Tube

    Water Gel™ Test Tube

  • Jelly MarblesJelly Marbles Test Tube

    Jelly Marbles™ Test Tube

  • Gooey Worm WondersGooey Worm Wonders

    STEM Science Kit: Gooey Worm Wonders

    $17.49 Sale!
  • At Home Science - Bouncing Bubbles

    Deluxe Bouncing Bubble Kit

  • Colorful Growing Orbs Starter SetColorful Growing Orbs Starter Kit

    Colorful Growing Orbs Starter Set

  • Water Gel Starter SetWater Gel Starter Kit

    Water Gel™ Starter Set

  • Jelly Marbles SetJelly Marbles Starter Kit

    Jelly Marbles™ Starter Set


Basic Elements, Bold Reactions

Introduce your kids to the basics of chemistry and how everyday chemicals impact our lives. Our at-home chemistry products, kits and labs for kids will get them thinking and talking about the chemicals they come in contact with on a daily basis, from cleaning products to natural sources. Steve Spangler Science chemistry experiments for kids demonstrate how some of the most basic elements on the periodic table can create big reactions when combined. 

Young scientists will also get hands-on experience as they observe how these chemicals react to light and other chemicals. These chemistry products and hands-on experiments are designed just for kids and include everything needed to build excitement and spark imagination.

Chemistry Products, Experiments and More

From chemistry products to outdoor activities, our classroom kits and after-school activities are designed to meet the needs of all kids and classrooms. Check out the left side of this page to find interesting chemistry products that appeal to you and your budding chemist for fun at home or in school. You can also use the filter to find age-appropriate chemistry experiments and products for any child, but you don’t have to be a kid to love science. Parents will have a great time supervising these fun chemistry experiments and activities.

Buy products to supplement your chemistry lessons and classroom activities or opt for a full kit, complete with everything you need to conduct an experiment. The chemistry collection at Steve Spangler Science offers a great opportunity to introduce young scientists to this science or to add a little excitement to your lesson plans.

Chemistry With a Wow Factor

For over 25 years, Steve Spangler Science has been inspiring the next generation of chemists, scientists and engineers by offering products that allow children to experience science like never before. Steve Spangler Science has over 350 products that engage with all kinds of scientific principles and theories to provide memorable learning experiences that will motivate and challenge kids. With Steve Spangler chemistry products, we’ve added the wow factor that is missing from so many science experiments and products. While you’re here, be sure to check out our lab supplies and browse our experiment library for more inspiration.

Adult supervision required.