Electricity and Light Products

Lights, shocks and currents — there are so many fun electricity toys, experiments and learning opportunities at Steve Spangler Science, you won’t know where to begin. Your young scientist will get a kick out of our all-in-one electric science kits that give them safe, hands-on access to items that demonstrate electrical principles. 

We make it easy to teach young ones about electricity with our all-in-one science kits. Our products are fantastic for after-school programs, STEM clubs, family time and classroom labs. These STEM electricity kits will keep kids talking, asking questions and thinking long after the experiment is over. You’ll be shocked by how much your young scientist learns from a simple at-home science experiment and how quickly their faces light up when they start to make connections.

  • Energy Stick

    Energy Stick®

  • Giant Energy Stick®Giant Energy Stick

    Giant Energy Stick® – STEM Toy

  • Energy Stick ConductorEnergy Stick Conductor

    Energy Stick Conductor

  • STEM Camp

    STEM Camp (5 Complete Kits)

    $140.20 Sale!
  • Energy Stick Science SetEnergy Stick Science Set

    Energy Stick® Science Kit

  • STEM Science Kit – Electricity Science Kit

    STEM Science Kit: Electricity Science Kit

  • Circuits Kit

    STEM Science Kit: Circuits Made Easy

    $17.49 Sale!
  • STEM Electric Physics BundleSTEM Electric Physics Bundle

    STEM Electric Physics Bundle

  • STEM Science Kit: Bundle of 4STEM Science Kit Bundle – 4 pack

    STEM Science Kit Bundle – (4-pack)

    $99.99 Sale!
  • STEM Science Kit Bundle - ASTEM Science Kit Bundle – 3 pack

    STEM Science Kit Bundle – Customer Favorites (3-pack)

    $84.12 Sale!
  • Electricity + Sound Classroom BundleElectricity + Sound Classroom Bundle

    Electricity + Sound Classroom Bundle

  • STEM Science Kit - Bundle BSTEM Science Kit Bundle – 3 pack

    STEM Science Kit Bundle – Teacher Favorites (3-pack)

    $84.12 Sale!
  • Energy Stick + Sand BundleEnergy + Sand Bundle

    Energy + Sand Bundle

  • Ultimate Halloween Bundle

    The Ultimate Halloween Bundle


At-Home Electricity Experiments, Products and Labs

These memorable lessons are guaranteed to bring electrical science to life. Enjoy hands-on learning in a controlled environment while you learn about electric conductors and circuits, see how electrons flow and discover how insulators work. All of our electrical science products are created with our signature wow factor, which has set us apart for over 25 years. Our products use light, sound and color to teach your young scientist about how electricity moves and works in the world around us. Our carefully chosen products are made by teachers and tested by kids to offer a unique, hands-on approach to getting everyone excited about STEM.

Shop at Steve Spangler Science for at-home electricity experiments, products and labs. We have fun activities designed to introduce new concepts, experiments that reinforce the scientific method and labs focusing on electricity for kids that can be done at home or in a classroom. There’s no shortage of ways to learn, grow and engage when you shop at Steve Spangler Science.


Inspiring, Educating and Amazing Kids

Steve Spangler Science has been encouraging, educating and amazing kids for over 25 years. We’re passionate about educating the next generation of scientists and our electricity products are a great place to start. 

Choose from our over 350 products that have been developed by top-notch educators, scientists and engineers. Explore our online science experiment library, which has become one of the largest and most respected online resources for parents and teachers who want to get their kids excited about science. There is always something to discover at Steve Spangler Science, so don’t miss our other hands-on science kits, science fair ideas, lab supplies and bundles. Our goal has always been to inspire, educate and amaze the next generation of scientific minds and we invite you to join us in this mission.


Adult supervision required.