The Coolest Home Science Products Ever

Are you the parent of a budding scientist or engineer? Keep ‘em asking questions, seeking answers and learning about the world around them with Steve Spangler Science home science tools. Our exciting, comprehensive website is chock full of the coolest home science products you’ll find anywhere online. We like to “make it big” here, so we have an affinity toward the biggest and boldest experiments that will produce ooohs and ahhhs from your kids — and you! From color-changing products and explosions to glow-in-the-dark products and ideas for ways to use dry ice, there is something amazing just waiting to be discovered here! 

Tons of Science Products, Tools and Educational Materials

Our site is home of over 350 products that are developed and tested by our awesome team of engineers, scientists and educators who, if we’re totally honest about it, are just a bunch of big kids at heart. So, dive into our site for some super-cool experiments to perform at home with household items. Then, check out our STEM and science toys, lab supplies and more! 


Science Fun for All Ages

Our home science tools and products are great for kids of all ages: preschool kids and middle school to high school students. From general science categories to labs for specific science units that deal with topics like the solar system, force and motion, food science and color science, we have a wide range of science-based experiments, tools, resources and information that will get your kids’ creativity flowing. Interested in receiving an all-in-one kit each month? Sign up for the Spangler Science Club for monthly kits. 

Easy At-Home Science Experiments 

From homeschoolers who are looking for some affordable and easy science experiments at home to summer or winter break activities that will keep kids in the learning mode throughout long school breaks, there is something just right for parents here. Shop our all-in-one kits that include everything you need for some science fun. We have STEM kits, physics kits and biology kits, as well as some at-home kits that pique your child’s interest in color science, polymer science and more. Get some science learning in at the dinner table with our at-home table trick products that will get your entire family involved! 

Our Most Popular Home Products

  • Energy Stick

    Energy Stick®

  • Insta-Snow PowderInsta-Snow Powder

    Insta-Snow® Powder – Fake Snow

  • Magic SandMagic Sand

    Magic Sand

  • Geyser Tube®

    Geyser Tube™ Mentos Geyser Kit

  • Color Fizzing TabletsColor Fizzing Tablets

    Color Fizzing Tablets 100-Pack

  • Boo Bubbles - Dry Ice Smoke BubblesBoo Bubbles - Dry Ice Smoke Bubbles

    Boo Bubbles™ – Dry Ice Smoke Bubbles

  • WindbagsWindbags

    Windbags – One Breath Bernoulli Bag

  • Water Gel Starter SetWater Gel™

    Water Gel Powder

  • String Slime Deluxe SetString Slime Deluxe Set

    String Slime™ Deluxe Set

  • Energy Stick ConductorEnergy Stick Conductor

    Energy Stick Conductor

  • aShape Gel™ Deluxe SetShape Gel Deluxe Set

    Shape Gel™ Deluxe Set

  • Snowman Science Starter SetSnowman Science Starter Set

    Snowman Science Starter Set


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