Earth Science for Kids: Steve Spangler Science

From the study of geology and environmental issues to atmosphere, weather and the oceans, earth science is a fascinating deep dive into our world. The scope of earth science is vast, providing awesome and interesting learning opportunities. Steve Spangler Science has the best earth science products available to get your kids and students excited about science.


Earth Science Products, Experiments, Kit and More

For more than 25 years, the Steve Spangler Science mission has been to put the “wow” factor back into science for kids. Earth science products, lessons and experiments don’t have to be dry; on the contrary, they can be exciting, fun and memorable! Each Steve Spangler Science earth science product is made BIG, with hands-on activities that are designed to make BIG impressions, inspire BIG questions and foster BIG dreams. From UV Color Changing Beads that change color when UV light is present and floating Solar Bags to Break Your Own Geode activities and super-amazing Water Jelly Crystals, there is an exciting activity that your child will love.

Earth Science Products, Activities and Labs

Our earth science products are ideal for after-school activities, classroom activities, after-dinner experiments with the family or outdoor activities for those summer vacation slumps. Want more exciting experiments and ideas about how to teach them more about earth science? Don’t miss our huge collection of online science experiments. Our easy at home science experiments take everyday items that you have available in your home or pantry and allow children to create something awesome, colorful and fun.

Steve Spangler Science: At Home Science

Steve Spangler Science has all kinds of fun at home science experiments, inspo and ideas that will encourage your young scientist. Shop our at-home kits that deal with color experiments, solar-themed experiments and kits and products that teach kids about the principles of chemistry and physics with fun, hands-on opportunities to learn. Let Steve Spangler Science help you teach them about our universe, with special age-appropriate lessons about force and motion, magnetism, electricity and/or sound. We’re also your source for science fair ideas, lab supplies, bundles and more!

Adult supervision required.