Anaheim Boot Camp Teachers Prove That Making Science Fun Starts With the Teacher!

Steve Spangler's Hands-on Science Boot Camp - Anaheim, CA

I think our photographer, Shawn Campbell, put it best when he described what happened at our Hands-on Science Boot Camp™ in Anaheim last week…

The moment these teachers arrived there was an energy in the room that turned the day into much more than just a day of doing science experiments. Anytime you have that much energy and fun in one room, grab a camera and start shooting! Steve was on fire – both figuratively and literally. There was an obvious connection between the teachers, Steve and his message about finding a genuine passion to teach science. While looking through the hundreds of photos that I took at the Boot Camp, I caught myself smiling – reflecting the expressions on everyone’s face that day. Making science fun is seriously contagious!

Huge thanks to Shawn Campbell for these amazing photos and for everyone who attended the workshop.

Learn more about our 2011 Hands-on Science Boot Camp™ tour.

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  1. Danielle De Frank
    Danielle De Frank says:

    I went back telling others it was like attending a good stand-up / magic performance, but the ‘star’ revealed what was “up his sleeve” every time. I had a blast & bragged that I had met one of my geek heros 🙂


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