The Secret to Making PVA Slime Lies in Hospital Linens

We have shared many slime recipes over the years – Elmer’s Glue Slime is always a favorite, made with water, glue and Borax. Or Glacier GAK, made to show the movement of glaciers. We at Steve Spangler Science sell gallons upon gallons of Atomic Glowing Slime, Clear Slime and the ever popular Green Slime.

Recently, someone posted the question on our Facebook Fan Page about making slime using a material from the hospital. The secret comes from our PVA or polyvinyl alcohol slime.

Your local hospital has disposable laundry bags made from polyvinyl alcohol. They place laundry that shouldn’t be handled from a hospital bed into the bag, tie it up and drop it in the laundry shoot. The bag goes straight into the washer without being opened. The PVA breaks down in the water and dissolves.

The secret to making PVA slime is to take a hospital laundry bag and blend it with water in a blender. The bag will dissolve and you will get a white, sloppy liquid. Add the Borax and BAM! You have polyvinyl alcohol slime.

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