Win 25 Gallons of Green Slime – It's as Easy as Following @HalloweenSci on Twitter


This contest has ended. Thank you for entering. Congratulations to our winner, Melitsa @playactivities!

You’ll be the hit of the party if you win 25 gallons of Spangler Slime – that’s 95 liters for those mad scientists who love the metric system. This isn’t some pre-made slime… no… it’s Spangler’s special PVA formulation for concocting the perfect batch of slime! If you’re the lucky winner, you’ll receive 25 gallons of green Slime Goo (the best PVA – polyvinyl alcohol) solution and Slime Cross-Linker (the linking agent that hooks it all together when you mix the two liquids). You mix it… you make it… and people go wild for slime.

Slime-Spangler-Halloween-Science-Win-25-GallonsWhat do you have to do to win? Just follow the directions below…

REQUIRED ENTRY: To enter the contest, follow @halloweensci on Twitter and leave a comment below with your Twitter name. Comments could include your best or most creative ideas for things to do with slime. If you want to enter more than once, keep reading below.

The contest is open until midnight MST on October 11th. A winner will be announced and notified on October 12th. The winner must reply with a valid address by midnight MST on October 14th to claim prize. If the winner fails to do so, another winner will be picked.


IMG_0130BONUS entries: Please leave a comment below for each entry. If you already do these, leave us a comment about it for an entry.

* (1 entry) Tweet about the contest. Copy and paste this → Follow @halloweensci for the best Halloween science tips & tricks & enter to win 25 gallons of slime.

Or this  → Win 25 gallons of slime just in time for your Halloween party from @halloweensci

* (1 entry) Sign-up for the Steve Spangler Science Experiment of the Week

* (1 entry) Follow @SpanglerScience on Twitter

* (1 entry) Leave a comment about the contest on Steve Spangler’s Facebook fan page

* (5 entries) Blogging about your best Halloween Science ideas and including links to the @HalloweenSci twitter (http://twitter.com/halloweensci) and Steve Spangler Science Halloween Science page (https://www.stevespanglerscience.com/halloween).

About Spangler Slime – We believe along with thousands of other science teachers that the world’s best slime is made using PVA – that’s polyvinyl alcohol. But we’ll warn you that not all PVA is the same. Many people purchase cheap PVA solutions only to find growing bacteria floating around in the bottle after a few months. PVA can be the perfect place for bacteria to grow unless the solution has approved anti-bacterial additives. Spangler Slime Goo is made from a high-quality PVA with additives that kill bacteria and prolong the shelf life. It’s safe to say that SteveSpanglerScience.com sells more Slime solution than anyone in the country.

For more information, more slime variations and the science behind slime go to Slime – The Real Recipe.

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  1. Brie Padfield
    Brie Padfield says:

    Twitter ID: BreezyPeasey

    I would take 5 gallons of the slime and put it in a “cauldron”, make treat bags in zip lock baggies and let the neighborhood kids dig in the slime for their treat bag on Halloween night. I would take 5 gallons and separate it into little containers for kids to take home with their candy. I would probably take the additional 15 gallons, walk down the street in the middle of the night to my best friends house and pour it over her car for a fantastic surprise!

  2. Holt Skinner
    Holt Skinner says:

    Some of my creative ideas for things to do with the slime are: wrapping the slime around firecrackers and smoke bombs, mixing the slime with diet soda and then adding the mentos, putting the uv beads in the clear slime and seeing if they still change colors inside the slime in the sun, and putting slime on someones keyboard as a prank.

  3. Michelle G
    Michelle G says:

    Hi! I’m following both Halloweensci & Steve on Twitter (my user name is HawkeyeGal.) Oh, and I get the weekly experiment, too. Check out our blog – we just did the diet coke & Mentos! 🙂 I’m off to re-tweet for yet another entry!!!

  4. Kathy Collins
    Kathy Collins says:

    I like to add a little glow powder and play in the dark with my second graders. They mostly like to explore with it and we talk about the properties.

  5. Olga L Negrete
    Olga L Negrete says:

    My grade level work with Polymers for a science experiment and the kids love it.
    An idea for a Science Experiment using green slime.
    Students discover a weird goop made from corn starch that acts as a solid and a liquid. Then, they compare it to a rubbery material made from Elmer’s glue and Boraxo.

  6. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    I’ve been signed up for the Steve Spangler Science Experiment of the Week for quite some time, but I’ll spread the awesomeness.

  7. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    I was suprised that I was not already following @SpanglerScience on Twitter, I am now! I’ve been following @stevespangler for a while now. Yeah slime!

    Lori FAGLIARONE says:

    I am very excited to try to make Steve Spanglerss slime for my sons fall party. By it would be awesome to win some and make the glowing pumpkins instead!! Pick me!!

  9. Rebecca
    Rebecca says:

    @dragonbec says SLIME rules! witches brew, slime bobbing for apples, slime spider webs, slime wigs, slime on the trampoline, slime down the slide, ooey gooey fun everywhere at the halloween party!!!

  10. Rebecca
    Rebecca says:

    @dragonbec I love the experiment of the week email, I already subscribe to that. The kids like to watch the video!

  11. Wendy Kearns
    Wendy Kearns says:

    I follow and commented on the Facebook page. I am also a subscriber to the experiment of the week.

  12. Stephanie Skidmore
    Stephanie Skidmore says:

    followed on twitter and left comment on facebook. We bought the glowin the dark slime my son loves it. we also got the energy ball what a big hit.

  13. Debbie B.
    Debbie B. says:

    Win 25 gallons of slime just in time for your Halloween party from @halloweensci

    I hope to win this…what a GREAT Halloween party my 4th grade class would have that Friday! I am excited to learn more – I am going to the Science Boot Camp in Orlando on Friday. I had to get a sub for the day, and need to leave the house no later than 5:30 AM, so I sure hope it is as exciting as the brochure claims it will be…..

  14. Laura Trahan
    Laura Trahan says:

    I follow @halloweensci and @Spanglerscience on Twitter. @lauratrahan would love the slime!! I also get the newsletter!

  15. Maria Pan
    Maria Pan says:

    @mpantweet tweeted “With 25 gal of slime from following @halloweensci, the students can play to their hearts’ content in the slime at the school’s Halloween Fair.”

  16. lesta dewald
    lesta dewald says:

    I have 64 students and they would get a kick out of the slim. I teach scicence and we do a science experment every friday. What a great thing to do at this time of year. lesta

  17. ag81
    ag81 says:

    you could trick your family on halloween or st. patrick’s day and pretend like you had made green jello for dessert

  18. Ellen Peterson
    Ellen Peterson says:


    25 gallons of slime would go a long way as a reward for my students who want to “slime me” for acing their upcoming (required) 9 weeks exam….

  19. Kim Gagnon
    Kim Gagnon says:

    I love to use slime in our little kids science classes as well as ooey gooey. If I had that much I would put it in the water table at our Halloween trail event for the kids to feel. I might even put little plastic bugs and things in it to make it spooky but not scary. We could save some money on slime for a while too!! I buy it probably 4 times a year we love slime at the park district! I follow the experiment of the week!

  20. Peggy Beavers
    Peggy Beavers says:

    I checked @halloweensci for slime answers. The fifth graders in my ES want creepy for October and this offered slime would be just enough. I have been following Steve on twitter since he recommended it 2 years ago in Oklahoma City.

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