Catching Up With Our Slime Contest Winner

Slime ActivitiesWhen the slime had settled and Halloween was in the rear view mirror, our Slime Contest Winner, Melitsa Avila had the chance to send us some awesome pictures and video from her slime extravaganza.  Just what do you do with 50 gallons of slime?  Melitsa came up with a great idea… why not share the wealth with an entire elementary school?

Before Halloween I entered a contest to win 50 gallons of slime. Not really comprehending what 50 gallons would look like. ( I’m a metric girl!) Both kids have a fascination for science so I thought it would be an excellent prize for them and they could share with their friends.

It was great to see how excited the kids were about making the slime, and Melitsa put together a fun video documenting her slime adventure.  Check out Melitsa’s blog for the whole story.

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