Justin Timberlake Hypnotizes Saturday Night Live Audience with Steve Spangler Prop

Last Thursday, the producers from Saturday Night Live in New York called our office. They spoke with one of our amazing customer service representatives, Harmony. We’ve had producers from shows call us in the past, so this wasn’t a huge surprise for Harmony. But when the producer explained it was for the season finale and Justin Timberlake would be using it as a gag prop in a skit, Harmony took notice. The show purchased two Incredible Shrinking and Growing Head kits to use during the show.

Every box that is shipped from our Distribution Center is double checked for quality. For a package on it’s way to 50 Rock in New York, the product was taken out of the box and personally checked by Harmony before being sent out. Justin was the Mysterious Crandell, a not-so-good magician who used our kit to try and hypnotize the audience. Watch the clip to see what happened.

Visit our company website for more on the Incredible Shrinking and Growing Head experiment.

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