Halloween Science Activities from The Spangler Effect

Thank you for joining us on The Spangler Effect Live this week for our last minute Halloween science demos and activities. During the two hours, Steve and Higginsworth shared a lot of fun, messy and loud experiments for spooky fun. If you missed the broadcasts, we have both available in this post. If you want more information on any of the experiments shared, we have included links to many of them too.

The Spangler Effect Live - Last Minute Halloween Demos

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Fake Blood Recipes

Slime Recipes

Ghost Eggs

Vampire Slime


Vampire Veins

Bernoulli Principle and Smoke Rings

Heavy Gas – Sulfur Hexafluoride 

Halloween Glow in the Dark

Halloween Spooky Sounds – Screaming Cup

Thunder Tube

Screaming Balloons

Space Phone

Pop Bottle Sounds

Exploding Pumpkin

Halloween Glow with Highlighters – open up a fluorescent Sharpie highlighter and carefully remove the ink stick from the pen. Drop it in a vase or bottle filled with water and let it float. The ink will come out of the tube and color the water. Place a black light next to the bottle and see the glow. Make sure you have fluorescent highlighters. Not all highlighters will glow under a black light.


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