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Littleton Public Schools Foundation Spirit Celebration 2010 – An Unexpected Surprise from Doug Hodous

It’s always an honor to be invited to emcee a fundraising event – especially when the cause is near and dear to your heart. Formal events like the Littleton Public Schools Foundation Spirit Celebration are big and classy and attended by people who really care about this amazing school district in Littleton, Colorado. As emcee, I was asked to keep the night moving with light commentary and to maybe do something “special” with four outstanding high school scholarship recipients – Aminta Menjivar from Littleton High School, Quinn Booth from Arapahoe High School, Lilliane Hubbell from Heritage High School, and Ian Paxson from Options High School. Take a look…


Nothing says “good job” better than a tiny cloud bath on stage at a formal awards ceremony. So, if you’re thinking about inviting me to emcee your event, you might want to reconsider.

The surprise of the evening for me came from a presentation by Beth Best, Director of LPS Foundation and Mary McGlone, President of LPS Foundation Board of Directors as they honored me with a wonderful award for my work with the Littleton Public Schools over the last twenty years. The added surprise came from a video presentation by my great friend, Doug Hodous who was unable to attend the evening but recorded a fun message. Doug was my high school chemistry teacher and has become a wonderful friend over the years. How cool is it to get to offer your retired chemistry teacher a job as an instructor in our teacher academy? It’s awesome. Doug Hodous is one of those “great” teachers I talk about when I keynote education conferences and association meetings. Thanks Doug.


The theme for the evening was technology in today’s classrooms. LPS Superintendent, Scott Murphy and Chief Information Officer, Dan Maas did a wonderful job of explaining the need for more than just technology tools like laptops and document cameras. While these tools can enhance a teacher’s ability to teach, it’s the teacher’s innovation and creativity that really drives students to want to learn.

Thanks to the efforts of so many LPS staff, parents, students, volunteers and community members, the Foundation raised a considerable amount of money to supports the efforts of our students and teachers.

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  1. Mary McGlone
    Mary McGlone says:

    Steve – The energy, fun and relevance you brought to our Spirit Dinner was amazing! What a special opportunity for us to have you there as a MC, a alum and most importantly, as a parent.

    I’m glad that you enjoyed the Doug Hodous video! Our hope was to have him with us to surprise you, but he is off on a well-deserved cruise somewhere. It was important enough to him though that he put aside some time and came in to be video taped. We all have important folks in our lives, mentors, role models… it is nice whenever we can hear affirmation from them for the work we do. I’m glad that it was meaningful to you.

    We are all so involved in our own schools that we rarely get to see the collective power of all of our schools. It is always our hope that the LPS Foundation can bring that to any conversation. Your statement, “When you’re surrounded by people who really care about students and teachers, you know you’re in the right place.” ought to be our new tag line for the Foundation! It captures well what we hope to show on a daily basis!

  2. Dan Maas
    Dan Maas says:

    My list of favorite scientists has grown: Albert Einstein, J.D Watson, Steven Hawking and Bill Nye… please welcome Steve Spangler – Teacher of Science. Unlike most science teachers you might encounter, Steve’s classroom is the whole world and we are all counted among his students. Steve demystifies science in practical and fun ways. Sure, there are entertainers who use science as their schtick, but Steve outshines any I know about. What makes him different? He doesn’t just blow things up, make stuff get messy and startle onlookers… but he uses these happenings to teach valuable life-lessons. His explosive approach means you will NEVER forget the lesson. With any luck, you’ve seen Steve in action and know what I am talking about. If not, get with it and check him out!

    The only thing bigger than this man’s brain is his heart. I have experienced the benefit of his tireless public service as he gives of his time and resources to kids in our schools. And I have never seen him refuse a request to help a school, some kids or needy folks in the community.

    I am glad to have Steve in my professional network and owe him a debt for all the generosity he has shown to our schools and kids.

  3. Scott Murphy
    Scott Murphy says:

    Steve – Thanks so much for hosting the Littleton Public Schools Foundation event as the emcee. Your commitment to our schools is awesome. Your humor and, of course, your science made it such a fun evening… maybe one of the best ever. You are a star and made the stars come together for kids on Saturday evening. Well done.

  4. Linda Hasting
    Linda Hasting says:


    Just want to say Thank You for all you do for the Littleton Public Schools Foundation and the Spirit of Littleton Celebration.

  5. Steve Spangler
    Steve Spangler says:

    Linda – Thanks for your kind words. I had a great time getting to meet up with old friends and meet so many supporters of our school district. Thanks for all you do.

  6. Beth Best
    Beth Best says:

    Steve, You are truly AMAZING! Thank you for making our event so much fun and meaningful! You are one of a kind and I am so grateful to have your support! Keep doing what you do!


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