Twitter Question: How do You Keep Your Toes From Freezing and Falling Off?

Here’s today’s Twitter question to our demo team – “Tried the liquid nitrogen cloud we saw you do on Ellen at our museum. Nearly froze our feet off. What’s the secret?” Funny thing… we experienced that too. After presenting the liquid nitrogen cloud demo a hundred times or so, we learned that it’s really important to find a way to protect your feet. Open toe sandals are a no-no, tennis shoes can get wet and freeze instantly (we learned that the hard way) and hiking boots are so attractive (maybe not). So what’s our secret? Ugg Boots I wish I could say that these shoes have an amazing cold-resistant, space-age liner, but I think that they’re just cool boots that keep the cloud maker’s little toes from falling off.

Oh, and so the lawyers don’t get upset, this is not an invitation or a recommendation that you should try the liquid nitrogen explosion. But it is fun to watch.

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