Doug Hodous



Arapahoe Community College Foundation – Promoting the Power of Education Award

I received a phone call in early December from a good friend, RC Myles, asking if I could "go to lunch" on April 29th. Either this guy's calendar really books up fast or he's an early planner. It turned out that neither was the case since RC…
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Littleton Public Schools Foundation Spirit Celebration 2010 – An Unexpected Surprise from Doug Hodous

It's always an honor to be invited to emcee a fundraising event - especially when the cause is near and dear to your heart. Formal events like the Littleton Public Schools Foundation Spirit Celebration are big and classy and attended by people…

Singing Pipes – Hardware Store Science

If you've ever read my blog before, you know that any experiment I can construct in the aisles of Home Depot is a good experiment. Yes, it's true, my family - and even my co-workers - have had to drag me out of the store after a full day of…