Science Boot Camp – Teachers get a lesson in making learning fun

FALL IN! That’s what 99 elementary teachers did as they “reported for duty” at the Hands-on Science Boot Camp in Denver. The purpose… to explore new and creative science integration strategies for making science education come alive in their classrooms. Named “Operation Just Do Science,” the intensive two-day, hands-on science training targeted early childhood through third grade teachers who wanted to make science more fun and meaningful in this classrooms. Okay, so that’s what the official “press release” said. Here’s the real scoop. Ninety-nine of the top elementary teachers in the country devoted part of their summer vacation to learn how to be better science teachers. Why? These teachers understand that we’re in a science education crisis and they’re making a difference. The Hands-on Science Boot Camp focused on strategies for integrating the teaching of science with other core curriculum areas such as reading, writing and math.

Take a look at the video from the Hands-on Science Boot Camp.

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  1. Sarah Atnip
    Sarah Atnip says:

    Yeah this is great. Now saved for all eternity is the moment that I most resemble a deer caught in the headlights. “Tell us how this works Sarah.”

    “Uh…(dead silence)…Uh?”

    Greatest teacher ever huh!?! So embarrassing. Whatever I had a blast and learned so much and it was 5:30 in the morning!

  2. Amy Bell
    Amy Bell says:

    My kindergarten class has started the year off with a bang – not only did we ‘grow’ alligators and make daily observations when we studied the letter A, my teaching partner and I really wowed them (and their PE teacher) with our tag team red spot routine. The kids are rubbing the red spots in my Spot book raw trying to figure that one out. Wait until I try the comic book…At any rate, we can’t wait to make ‘snow’ and making the cup that sounds like a duck will be a certain addition to our D week. I could go on and on – the airzooka is an endless source of delight and amazement, as is the tube that sings when you swing it. We’ll have some curious parents at Open House next week, I think!

    Science boot camp was great and it’s wonderful to be doing these activities in the classroom. (I’ll leave the potato guns to the bigger kids, though!)

    Amy B.

  3. Brenda Hogan
    Brenda Hogan says:

    Steve and Doug should take their act on the road. Together, they are not only hilarious, but provide valuable teaching resources that any teacher, regardless of level, can begin using right away in the classroom.

    I particularly appreciate the literature connections that Julie provided.

    My “Steve Spangler” materials have their own closet. They provide me with new strategies to teach “old” concepts.

    Every teacher should experience Steve Spangler. They will leave the workshop as committed Science teachers.

  4. Andrea Yocum
    Andrea Yocum says:

    I have used several of the experiments and activities that I learned in boot camp in my classroom this year. I started out on the first day with the snow, which completely amazed the students. I then had them change several variables to develop their own experiment with it, and they loved it. I have had many parents stop me and explain further experiments that their children have done at home with the snow. It is great to develop a love for science, and the ability to question and wonder at such a young age. Every day I hear “Science is my favorite class!”

    Thank You Steve! Boot camp was fun, inspiring, and oh so amazing to all those I pass it on to.

  5. Dolly Morrow
    Dolly Morrow says:

    Just attending this Book Camp was a blast, but using it with students is really awesome! And I “wowed” the School Board, too. We’re kicking off a special HP grant project on weather by having everyone make “Snow in September!” The opportunities with this stuff is limitless. As my students say, “Science is Cool!”

  6. Kathy Atnip
    Kathy Atnip says:

    I had a wonderful time and learned more than I can ever
    share. The materials were super and the experience was
    one of a kind. I hope to do this camp again. It was


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