Lawsuit filed in district court

This is kind of thing you keep private, but that all changed when I got a call from a newspaper reporter last Thursday who had questions about the lawsuit we filed just two days prior. The story ran in the Denver Post on Friday, August 19th, and the on-line version of the story sprouted legs over the weekend… judging from the number of emails in my inbox. My only reason for posting this entry is to publicly address the questions that are being asked. If you read my blog, you know how serious I take issues centered around intellectual property. Over the years I have licensed a number of my ideas to companies who, in turn, pay royalties when the products are sold. License agreements are a great way to find a home for an invention that eventually makes its way to the market place. The concept is simple: ideas are worth money… especially if consumers buy the products. At Steve Spangler Science, we have a number of license agreements through our Teacher-Inventor Program where teachers receive conpensation for unique ideas that we use to create new products.

With regard to the lawsuit, we know that there is a problem with some kits that we previously licensed to Scientific Explorer, Inc., but we do not know the extent of the problem. The information we gather through the discovery process will help us better understand the extent of the problem.

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