Celebrating Connections 2006 – West Virginia

Another three eggs met their fate as Ginger Huffman skillfully executed a perfect egg drop in front of nearly 2,000 cheering fans. Ginger Huffman and Alyson Edwards served as the conference organizers for one of the top early childhood education conferences in the country – West Virginia’s Celebrating Connections. It was my job to wrap up the conference with the Friday morning keynote – How to be an Amazing Teacher! West Virginia’s top early childhood teachers met to share practices, policies, planning and research that enhances the quality of early childhood education in the state. With an increased focused on hands-on science, the conference organizers asked me to help by sharing practical science activities and eye-catching demonstrations that get children turned onto science at a young age. Pictured to the right is Ginger Huffman, conference organizer and egg drop extraordinaire.

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