Make Your Own Prism

Editor’s Note:  A special thanks to guest blogger and good friend, Jane Goodwin, for this “colorful” post!

Remember how Pollyanna loved to see the rainbows all along the wall? Do you remember how she did that?

She made those rainbows with prisms from an old lamp. Prisms are a kind of many-sided piece of glass, and when the light shines on them, they make rainbows!

Pollyanna made rainbows back in the olden days, and you can make rainbows right now! If you don’t have a prism, you can use a kitchen glass, or a gemstone, or even an ice cube! Almost any clear glass thing can be used as a prism as long as it isn’t completely flat.

If the sun isn’t shining, you can use a flashlight. Just position your prism so that the light shines through it, and there should be rainbows dancing on the opposite wall! If you hung a prism in your bedroom window, you would wake up to rainbows!

Ryan Byers, of Pocatello, Idaho, is making rainbows right in his living room, using a large prism from his huge rock collection. If you’re a rock hound, check YOUR collection; you might be able to create rainbows in YOUR living room, too!

Next time you’re at Grandma’s house, look up at the lamp; maybe she’ll let you borrow one of the prisms hanging there.

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