Satisfy Fourth Graders’ STEM Curiosity with Steve Spangler Science

Steve Spangler Science has a huge assortment of age-appropriate science-related products, experiments and science fair ideas for fourth graders and older. We’ve gathered together some of the industry’s best educators, engineers and scientists to come up with ideas, toys and cool gadgets that will satisfy kids’ curiosity — as well as encourage them to ask more questions, become more inquisitive about the world and investigate the inner-workings of their universe.

4th Grade and Up Science Products, Experiments and Goodies

Welcome to our 4th Grade and Up Science Products section, where you’ll be able to browse some of the most awesome, awe-inspiring products that are great for younger kids — as well as ‘tweens. These specially designed products are hands-on and simple-yet-attention-grabbing. Whether you’re looking for classroom kits for fourth graders and older elementary-school kids or you’re on the hunt for science-related school activities, after-school activities, STEM club or science fair experiment ideas, Steve Spangler Science has the best science products that will stimulate their senses, their imaginations and their natural curiosity.

  • Energy Stick

    Energy Stick®

  • Insta-Snow PowderInsta-Snow Powder

    Insta-Snow® Powder – Fake Snow

  • Magic SandMagic Sand

    Magic Sand

    $5.59 Sale!
  • UV Color Changing BeadsUV Color Changing Beads

    UV Color-Changing Beads

  • Growing Bacteria KitGrowing Bacteria Kit

    Bacteria Growing Kit

  • Sun Sensitive Paper30 Pack of Sun Sensitive Paper

    Sun-Sensitive Paper – 30-Pack

  • WindbagsWindbags

    Windbags – One Breath Bernoulli Bag

  • Solar BagsSolar Bags

    Solar Bag Balloon Science Experiment

  • Big Bucket of ScienceBig Bucket of Science

    Big Bucket of Science Test Tube Experiments

    $51.99 Sale!
  • STEM Science Kit: Mix and Match

  • Balloon Powered Helicopter 4 Pack

    Balloon Powered Helicopter 4 Pack

  • Water Jelly Marbles - Clear SpheresVanishing Jelly Marbles

    Jelly Marbles – Water Polymer Beads

  • Geyser Tube® 20 packGeyser Tube® 10 pack

    Geyser Tube® Event Packs

  • Water Gel Starter SetWater Gel™

    Water Gel Powder

  • Magic Sand Test TubeMagic Sand Test Tube

    Magic Sand Test Tube

    $6.39 Sale!

Hands-On Science for Ages Eight and Up

Browse our selection of science products and experiments that provide hands-on learning opportunities for ages eight and up that include chemistry lessons, lessons in physics, bacteria ideas and more. From color-changing substances and glow-in-the-dark products to UV-light observations and experiments about electricity, you’ll find something that will hold your kids’ interest for hours.

Steve Spangler Science: Twenty-Five Years of Science Fun

Steve Spangler Science has been making science fun for over 25 years and has been seen on multiple newscasts, on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and in classrooms around the country. Our company’s goal is to inspire and motivate the next generation of engineers and scientists. Our original experiments and science products are all made to bring about wonder and are guaranteed to get a ton of “ooohs” and “ahhhs!” Shop our selection of science products, science fair ideas and items for kids in fourth grade and up. You can also browse our online science experiment gallery — one of the largest and most respected resources online today for parents and educators!