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STEM Camp Collection (5 Kits)

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Quick Overview

Each STEM Camp consists of a 5 day curriculum for each child.

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Discount codes are not available on STEM Camp Collections.

Remember when every kid on the block wanted to go to science camp? Here at Steve Spangler Science, we want to keep that tradition of summer learning and fun alive with hands-on STEM Camps.  We are taking the incredible hands-on experiences you trust us to provide and combining them with new technology, engineering, and math activities and challenges.  That's a STEM mixture you know kids will love.

STEM Camp is designed to create learning experience that engage young learners.  Whether you're gearing up for a week of fun with a couple of neighborhood kids at your house, helping summer schoolers stay engaged, or guiding more than 30 kids through some of our favorite STEM activities, Steve Spangler's STEM Camp is the perfect solution.

Our STEM Camp consists of five days of activities per pack.  You decide the number of children and we will send you five days worth of supplies for each child.  Each day has a new theme.

Our STEM Camp Collection is geared toward ages 5 - 11 years old and includes materials for 2 hours each day.

If you have further questions or special requests, please email our customer service team at

What's Included?

Each STEM Summer Camp consists of five days of activities per pack. It is simple. At the start of each day of camp, campers will pull out the club kit for that day and use the labels provided to write their name on the bag.  At the end of the day or the end of the week, each camper will get to take all the supplies home to show their friends and family. Each child will receive their own STEM Camp Collection box that will include one each of the following kits: Mad Scientist Laboratory, It's Electric, Bubblology, Water Magic, and Newton's Antics. The number of kids you want to invite to your camp is completely up to you.  We have a 2-tier pricing system based on the number of campers who attend. If you have further questions or special requests, please email our customer service team at

What Does It Teach?

Day 1 - Mad Scientist Laboratory

  • Engage with colorful creations that don't stain
  • Dive into basic chemistry to start the week
  • Experiment and solve challenges, like creating a lava lamp

Day 2 -  It's Electric

  • Explore the differences between insulators and conductors
  • Turn your own body into a human conductor of electricity...and it is perfectly safe!

Day 3 - Bubblology 

  • Learn about the secrets of bubbles
  • Touch and bounce bubbles without popping them
  • Learn how to make a square bubble

Day 4 - Water Magic

  • Make a jar of water defy gravity, while turning it upside down
  • Learn about surface tension
  • Learn about polymers and their everyday uses

Day 5 - Newton's Antics

  • Explore Newton's First Law of Motion
  • Learn about gravity, friction, inertia, and centripetal force


Additional Information

Product FAQ

Day 1 - Mad Scientist Laboratory

  • 3 Baby Soda Bottles and caps
  • 3 oil filled Baby Soda Bottles
  • Baby Soda Bottle Rack
  • Alka-Seltzer tablets
  • 24 Color Fizzer tablets
  • 250mL plastic beaker
  • Pair of safety glasses
  • 5 instructional cards

Day 2 -  It's Electric

  • Energy Stick
  • 3 Baby Soda Bottles and caps
  • Baby Soda Bottle Rack
  • Styrofoam Beads
  • Electric probes
  • Aluminum Foil
  • 5 instructional cards

Day 3 - Bubblology 

  • 4 graduated pipettes
  • 120 mL bubble solution
  • 120 mL Bouncing Bubble solution
  • Bubble wand and tray
  • Portion cups
  • Pair of bubble gloves
  • Square Bubble kit
  • 5 instructional cards

Day 4 - Water Magic

  • Bubble wrap
  • Piece of dark paper
  • Plastic cups
  • Small baby diaper
  • Mason jar
  • 100 grams of Water Gel
  • Mesh screen
  • Styrofoam cups
  • 5 instructional cards

Day 5 - Newton's Antics

  • Newton Bead strand
  • 16 oz plastic bottle
  • Inertia card
  • Clear plastic cup
  • 6 clear latex balloons (bagged separately)
  • 4 Zinc nuts
  • 2 pennies
  • Yellow ring
  • 5 instructional cards

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