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Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes Book

Quick Overview

Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes is a geek-chic look at Spangler’s latest collection of tricks and try-it-at-home activities that reveal the secrets of science in unexpected ways. Amazing photographs accompany the step-by-step instructions, and simple explanations uncover the how-to and why for each activity. Make potatoes fly, bowling balls float, and soda explode on command.
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Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes
Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes Book & DVD Set

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As seen on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

This is not your ordinary book of science experiments. Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes is a geek-chic look at Steve Spangler's latest collection of tricks and try-it-at-home activities that reveal the secrets of science in unexpected ways. What makes this book different from other science experiment books is the amazing photography. Over 245 color photographs accompany the step-by-step instructions, and simple explanations uncover the how-to and why for each activity. Make potatoes fly, cornstarch turn into quicksand, and 2-liter bottles of soda explode on command. 

Take the Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes experience to a whole new level!

If you want to expand on the fun and education of the Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes book, you need the DVD. With the Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes DVD, you'll have great videos that accompany the hands-on science in the book! With 36 individual videos and approximately 35 minutes of run time, it's a perfect way to further engage with all of the amazing and unforgettable experiments in the book!

"If science books were like this when I was a kid, things would be different! The first thing that grabs your attention is the photography - amazing photos that detail the entire process of doing the experiment, and there's no let down when it comes to the writing. It's easy to understand, and just a few pages in you discover that Steve Spangler's writing is seriously funny."

Cool Science with Household Stuff - Parents and kids alike will love Steve Spangler's clever and entertaining approach to making science fun through these amazing home experiments. No need for complicated lab equipment or impossible-to-find chemicals. Steve shows you how to use things to create amazing experiences that make people say, "How did you do that?"

From flying toilet paper to trash can smoke rings, erupting soda to exploding sandwich bags, the experiments in Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes will spark your imagination and totally amaze your friends.  Learn how to astound kids and kids-at-heart with easy and inexpensive experiments like these:

  • Bubbling Lava Bottle
  • The Incredible Can Crusher
  • Nails for Breakfast
  • The Folding Egg
  • Quicksand Goo
  • Screaming Balloon
  • Burning Money
  • Trash Can Smoke Rings
  • Glacier Gak
  • Flying Toilet Paper
    and many, many more!

About the Author

If you just landed on this page and have no idea who Steve Spangler is, take a minute and visit the Who is Steve Spangler? page. However, you need to know that his videos are like potato chips... you can't stop at just one. The next thing you know, two hours have vanished, the kids put themselves to bed, your spouse is fast asleep and you have an uncontrollable urge to make a mad dash to the grocery store to stock up on cornstarch, potatoes and toilet paper. This guy is serious about making science fun.

What's Included?

Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes book

  • Softcover
  • 160 pages
  • 248 high-resolution, full-color photographs
  • Published by Greenleaf Book Group

Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes DVD

  • Runtime: approximately 35 minutes
  • 36 individual videos

*The Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes book and DVD are available invidually, or as part of an incredible hands-on science set.*

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  1. eBook Review review by Cathy C. on 4/19/2013

    Just downloaded your Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes Enhanced book for iPad! I should be planning science lessons for tomorrow at school right now but am too engrosed in this. I love it!! thank you! you definately make science fascinating!! :D <3

  2. Naked Eggs Book review by Sherry Dart on 2/23/2013

    Class liked it so much, we are going to organize a science demonstration party for the entire 4th grade!!!

  3. Getting Up To Mischief in the Kitchen review by Cheryl on 1/21/2013

    [My daughter] is incandescent with excitement at the thought of finally being allowed to put Mentos in a bottle of coke (the usual refrain being "wait till you go to Grandad's house" !!) 

    Some of the experiments are incredibly simple but some of them look highly impressive, even to me as an adult. I love the way they use things that you can commonly find in your average kitchen. There is a slight problem with certain experiements calling for things that you'd have trouble finding outside of America, such as Taco sauce and Ivory brand soap, while others need a bit of tweaking to find alternative brands to things like Elmer's Glue All, Borax and Dawn Liquid Dish Soap.

    As well as being a lot of fun and creating visually exciting results, I love the way the book leads from step-by-step instructions and photos to an explanation of the science behind each experiment. Your kids may be making things implode, creating a mess and playing with gloop but they'll also be learning.

    Visit Cheryl's blog, Madhouse Family Reviews for more.
    -Steve Spangler Science Web Team

  4. The Best! review by Mary Pat on 12/15/2012

    My thoughts and ideas:

    1. The "can't miss" pictures are an asset to the book. They clearly show what to do and what it should look like and bring the material to life.

    2. I love that the book reads like a storybook. My grandkids enjoy looking through it as I give them a very basic background of each experiment. Again, the pictures pop out to them and now instead of baking cookies together, they want to do a "Steve spearmint" together.

    3. It is amazing in the fact that it is great for teacher use, student use, as well as family use. "Let's do science with Steve!" is a common thing to hear around here.

    4. As a teacher, the "Take it Further" section allows me to differentiate nicely in the classroom. We can stick with the basic premise, or go deeper for more meaning. The "Science Fair Connection" has been very helpful to my struggling students to help them build a project and get the ideas straight in their mind.

    5. Also great to have: Materials needed and safety rules. I think it is great that I don't have to hunt through the writing to find the materials that I need.

    6. Color, color, color!

    7. The experiments presented have always been my favorites - tried and true and easy to do. This book makes a great gift for the newly graduated teaching student, a student teacher, or your favorite substitute teacher. Every elementary classroom should have one!

  5. Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes review by Joyce Wells on 11/11/2012

    Steve ~ My class and I LOVE your products! The book is great, and my students are always borrowing it to find an experiment to try at home, in addition to the ones we try at school. My entire science order comes from your catalogue! Thanks for your great products.

  6. Great Read! review by Leonard Hutchens on 9/18/2012

    Step-by-step instructions for each experiment were clear and concise. Especially enjoyed the photographs. Highly recommended!

  7. excellent review by Carol Nelson on 8/2/2012

    LOVE this book! Great color pictures, step-by-step directions, and the "how come" behind.

  8. Favorite Birthday Present review by Natalie Brown on 6/8/2012

    My son just recently turned 5 and had been begging for a "Mad Scientist" birthday party. I wasn't sure how to pull off another one of our famous birthday parties until I found your website! My son was THRILLED with all the fun things we had planned and this book was his favorite gift. We are in Utah and even though it is April and most of you are enjoying the sunshine by this time we still have quite a few days where it's raining heavily or even snowing! Not to worry! We just pull out our Steve Spangler book and box of science experiments and happily spend the day making messes in the kitchen!

  9. love this science book review by Pam on 5/1/2012

    I love this science book and so do my college students. We are having fun and have been creating project invetigations that we could use in early childhood classrooms.

  10. Safety First! review by Kelli Higgins on 3/3/2012

    I always wear my Steve Spangler sanctioned safety glasses when performing experiments with my students. This experiment from the book Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes was a big hit with my students. We had just learned all about penguins. As students shouted out penguin facts, I plunged another "penguin" pencil into the "ocean". The kids loved this...especially my willing assistant.

  11. Fantabulous book review by Mary Kowalski on 1/16/2012

    I am a licensed family childcare provider caring for 7 children ranging in age from 1 - 9 years. Since our school district no longer has "time" for science, I am on a mission to excite these children about science and Steve Spangler's latest book is helping me do so with a bang. Speaking of a BANG, we did his experiment with the soda can yesterday and the loud sound as the can was crushed as if by magic was spectacular. The kids loved it (well, the 3 year old held her ears) and today we inflated a balloon using vinegar and soda. The photo illustrations and great explanations in this book make teaching science fun and easy for the teacher.

  12. Beautiful Book review by Nathan Carlson on 12/26/2011

    I can't say enough about how beautiful the photography is in this book. The experiments are cool the directions are easy to follow and the pictures are Amazing and there are a lot of them. If it was Hardcover it could easily second as a coffee table "look book"!
    Love It!!

  13. Spotlight on Sci-Tech Issue review by Gillian Engberg on 12/10/2011

    "Heavily illustrated with color photos and described in funny, casual prose, the experiments will easily engage a young audience, and each is followed by a succinct explanation of the science concepts at play...a boon for parents and teachers alike..."

    To read the entire review, checkout Booklist's "Spotlight on Sci-Tech" issue

  14. Amazing! review by Janice on 11/4/2011

    I love this book! It has so many fun experiments that I don't know where to start. I plan on keeping this book very handy when I begin teaching (middle school science or high school chemistry). These activities are fun for all ages. This is how to make kids fall in love with science and the world around them.

  15. AMAZING! review by Amanda on 10/4/2011

    This book is amazing! Detailed directions and fabulous pictures!

    Students love creating and reading the experiments!

  16. Awesome review by Carleen Quezada on 8/30/2011

    The book is awesome!! Has amazing pictures. I like some of the other reviews was hoping for things I had not done before. It is all the common experiments put in full color!! Great for a new teacher!!

  17. Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes review by Cindy Cleveringa on 7/15/2011

    I am excited about trying these activities with my 1st - 3rd grade Discover 4-H program! They are exactly the kind of hands-on activities we are looking for in 4-H.

  18. I was the 3rd grade teacher next door. review by Lisa Heaton on 6/14/2011

    I should start by saying that I was the teacher next door to Steve in that 3rd grade class at Willow Creek Elementary (he talks about this in the first chapter of the book). Watching him from that first 3rd grade class and how far he's come by following his own style and heart proves that you can infect millions by doing it your own way. This book is way more than "Geek Chic." This embodies all that he professes - to wonder, to ask, to experience, to laugh and to love learning. The book truly is magnificent. The pictures are amazing. They invite one to try the experiments! I can't wait to give the Soap Soufflé a whirl for dinner tomorrow night.

  19. Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes Book review by Molly Madsen on 4/19/2011

    My kids love this book. They've been doing 2 or 3 experiments a day since the book arrived. One of my boys doesn't like to read, but he'll actually sit down and read this book.

  20. Learn About Science in a Whole New Way review by Penny on 3/20/2011

    Floating ping-pong balls and flying toilet paper are just two of the 123 scientific experiments found in this enterprising book written for children of all ages. 

    Using everyday and inexpensive household stuff, like potatoes and plastic bottles, a bar of soap, nails, magnets, cornstarch, and liquid, future scientists can do experiments like “floating water,” a “screaming balloon,” a “bubbling lava bottle,” and “giant smoke rings.”

    Two hundred color photographs illustrate experiments in progress throughout the book. With great humor, the author titles one chapter, “Don’t Try This at Home…Try It at a Friend’s Home!” Some experiments warn about having a few paper towels at hand; others warn that parental supervision is advised.

    This book of science tricks and try-it-at-home activities will encourage children and adults alike to have fun, too, and learn about science in a whole new way.

    To read Penny's review in its entirety, check out ForeWord Reviews.
    - - - Steve Spangler Customer Service Team

  21. I like it! review by Carol on 3/1/2011

    The photographs are stunning. The instructions are clear. The explanations help clarify the science in the experiments. I've never seen a book quite like this one and I like it!

  22. Great Book! review by Melissa on 1/16/2011

    Wow, is this a great book! Just from a visual perspective, you’ll agree. The photographs are stunning, the oversized, glossy pages are enticing, and the experiments look doable. My kids and I tried Color Changing Milk first. And second. And third. Okay, and fourth. (They kind of loved it.)

    To check out Melissa's entire review, check it out at Bookmarkable.
    - - - Steve Spangler Customer Service Team

  23. Beautiful Milk, Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes review by Imagination Soup on 12/12/2010

    ...let me just say that this book and it’s experiments ROCK. We love it and think the photographs look good enough to eat! Especially the naked eggs.

    To check out Imagination Soup's entire review, check it out here.
    - - - Steve Spangler Customer Service Team

  24. Good but done before review by Gloria on 10/23/2010

    The pictures and directions in this book were excellent but all the experiments are the same ones you see in any science book. I was a bit disappointed with that.

  25. Awesome review by Vicki on 9/5/2010

    I wasn't sure I needed to buy yet another science project book but it is so totally worth the money. The directions are clear, the materials are not difficult to get and love the illustrations also. Good job Steve! PS I teach 4th and 5th grade science.

  26. John Abbitt review by john abbitt on 7/24/2010

    I loved steve's book i'v done some of the experiments and i would recomend this to any one!

  27. You'll WANT to be there doing these experiments... review by Ted on 7/16/2010

    ...“Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes,” is among the best I’ve seen. If you are looking for a way to get your kids excited about science, look no further. Having helped my own three kids through countless science fair projects myself, I know the frustration of coming up with that blockbuster idea. This book is chock full of excellent pictures and simple, fun to read instructions which explain nearly 30 experiments.

    ...In the introduction he says “It’s not about the science, it’s about the experience.” Truer words could not be spoken. I’ve seen it myself. If you get a young pair of eyes witnessing something that is amazing or truly mind boggling, the experience stays with them. They are now engaged and want desperately to know how it works. Without an initial BANG, learning science can be an uphill battle. Steve delivers that BANG in this book. He instantly draws you into a project with the astounding photography, then you dive right in to the Let’s Try It section where you get your hands wet, gloopy, and even gaky in one case! That my friends is learning.

    Once you are done amazing yourself with the mad science you just performed, Steve helps you Take it Further, find out What’s Going On Here?, or perhaps investigate some Real World Applications. All the elements are present in this book. For the necessarily protective parents out there, I want you to know that “safety first” is addressed, well… first! Before starting any of the experiments, Steve makes it clear that adult supervision is required. Required is a harsh word, because trust me, you will WANT to be there doing these experiments with your son or daughter! Speaking of which, I have some eggs to fold...

    Make sure to check out Ted's entire review and a note about the reviewer at Scoop the Dirt.  
    - - - The Steve Spangler Science Customer Service Team

  28. Naked Thoughts review by Lou on 6/15/2010

    Okay…naked thoughts—What a wonderful book!  Geek-chic or not, Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes is superb—an absolutely outstanding work, indeed a work of art.  Clearly the finest science experiment book of its kind I have ever seen. 
    Graphically—just plain striking: the photographs are works of beauty, so good that even Steve looks better than Ellen!  (But then again, only those of you sequestered away on South Federal have seen Steve in a dress…)  Glitter aside, those exquisite pictures captured the wonder we teachers strive to create every day in school, to capture what a “thousand words” could never do.  Kudos to those behind the camera work.  Buy him/her/them copious quantities of their favorite gastronomic delights—you can’t compensate them enough for what they captured—well deserved!
    Despite my initial intentions to just skim the introduction, thumb through the activities, and take in the pictures; I started reading and couldn’t put it down (except for a forced hiatus to start the school year—what fun!).   Cover to cover, then back again, even the introduction and the “A Word about Safety” section.  What a wonderful, wonderful experience.
    The format, layout, directions, and explanation are so very well done—from materials to step by step directions to explanation with the “Take It Further” and “Science Fair Connection” sections, and even the bolding of only the very key science terms in the activities strikes a perfect and complete balance.  Of course the activity comes alive through the accompanying pictures—awesome, no better than awesome!.  And I know you don't need to be told what an important component the humor is: it is on target, light, and brings an appropriate chuckle or a smile acknowledging that, “Yes, I’ve been there too.”
    Although I know I have each of these activities in training handouts, and can get them from your website, or have received them in your weekly e-mails, Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes takes the ‘coolest’ of your “cool activities” to a new level.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

  29. I've never seen anything like this review by Carol on 5/20/2010

    The photographs are stunning. The instructions are clear. The explanations help clarify the science in the experiments. I've never seen a book quite like this one and I like it!

  30. It's an Asset review by Gary & Debra on 4/22/2010

    We were very impressed with the size, color and detail of the book. All of the activities were very complete involving the steps, rationale, and connections to other areas. Deb used it with her staff and getting them on board with some of the activities, such as “Do Not Open Bottle” and “The Leakproof Bag.” Seeing first hand the oohs and aahs from adults is vindication that you are doing something right. The activities are simple enough to assemble, practice, and do in the classroom to get the class’s attention. This gentle “two by four” between the eyes works great in my science methods class at Carroll University. Having previously used many of these activities with students, it is assuring to see them compiled in one book in a friendly and useable manner. This is a great asset for any beginning teacher to take into their first classroom.

  31. What I loved about Steve Spangler's new book--ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!!! review by Lina on 2/21/2010

    Much as the illustrations of a child's picture book pull the reader into the story, the artistic photography immediately captures attention and invites inspection. I love the format: Try It, Take It Further, What's Going On, and Real Word Applications, accompanied by Spangler's humorous asides.  Steve Spangler must remember well the heart of a child, for he certainly knows how to get the hearts of students pumping with excitement!  Whether firing potato guns, creating slimy concoctions, or investigating kitchen chemistry, his science activities become play, which in turn triggers the questions and insights that reflect true understanding and learning.

    Today my students walked on water… inspired, of course, by Steve Spangler.  They had played with "oobleck" (a cornstarch and water concoction) and had performed numerous tests to classify it as a solid or liquid… or, in this case, a little of both.  The excitement really grew when told they would have a chance to apply what they had learned to actually walking in a large bin of the substance.  Word quickly spread, and I had students from past years appear the next day to watch and hopefully join the event.  What was the most fun?  Perhaps mixing the gooey concoction… or maybe jumping into the oozing watery/powdery substance and feeling its tug on your feet… or was it simply cleaning up the horrendous mess with squirting hoses?  Definitely, the day became one that will be remembered long past this year, and with it, an intrinsic understanding of suspensions, colloids, and non-Newtonian fluids.  My students are now looking forward to sharing the experience in a cross age event where the students will become the teachers as they mentor half-day children experiencing the mysterious concoction. 

    Steve Spangler's humor is memorable and warmly apparent throughout the book.  When investigating the Berrnoulli Principle with the use of, believe it or not, toilet paper rolls, he incorporates a  tongue-in-cheek "Legal Notice" concerning the possibility of "accidental TP-ings," and requests photos.  My students now forward photos of their not-so-accidental TP-ing adventure in the classroom along with some shots of the cornstarch science.    

  32. Can't Beat It review by Barb on 12/24/2009

    As a parent, I love that the cost of the book is kept to a minimum. You can't beat 29 experiments for $15.00. . . . definately money well spent. I am a visual learner, so I loved the pictures/photo illustrations that accompany each of the experiments. I loved the written warning . .at least the kids know what they should be careful with, whether they choose to or not is their problem. My kids get their science minds from their father, so I loved the easy explanations of what was really happening . . .excellent use of vocabulary but easily understood. As an author, I would say you once again, did a fantastic job of presenting science in a interesting and irresistible manner. As for my opinion . . keep writing and providing the public with this fun stuff!!! We love it in the classroom and in our homes.

  33. Naked Eggs review by Stacy on 12/1/2009

    I must say that the photographs are amazing. You really break the experiments into easy to follow steps and along with the images make it easy for anyone to teach science. I teach 3rd grade at Robey Elementary in Indianapolis, Indiana and each week I meet with a 5th grade classroom to take part in Science Buddies. Similar to Book Buddies but much more fun and hands-on!!!!! This week we were working on developing detailedobservations within an experiment. We planned some fun observational games for the students to take part in, however, we wanted to do a demo lesson to get their attention. We got their attention alright! I did the Leakproof Bag experiment over the head of the 5th grade teacher. As you can tell from the picture, the kids were glued to every word and action. That is why I love teaching science and why I love your new book!

  34. Love the book review by Judy on 10/29/2009

    Steve Spangler's Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes proves once again that the award winning scientist can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. His experiments are easy to follow with a touch of humor for good measure. The photography is superb, turning an interesting book of experiments into a coffee table book that hooks you. No way you can resist the temptation to try one.

  35. Naked Thoughts review by Lois on 9/22/2009

    The photos do a super job of capturing the goshwow of science that kids need to get them started. The instructions will help kids bring the fun and excitement of the photos to their lives, and engage their other senses.

  36. the BOOK!!! review by Patty on 8/3/2009

    It is wonderful and I read it all right away. This is a book that kind of is the “best of the best” to do in a classroom.  (I actually have done almost all of these at some point.)  They grab a kids attention, make them think, they are safe, they have a “WOW” factor AND… makes me look like a “Science Rock Star!”  (Not always easy to do!)

  37. Jam-Packed with Unforgettable Experiments review by Lori C. in on 7/7/2009

    Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes is Steve Spangler’s newest book and it is without doubt a book jam-packed with unforgettable experiments that makes science a whole lot of fun for the whole family!

    Life Science, Biology, and Physics are the 3 science courses being studied in our home this year, and when any one of my children begin gathering their materials for a science lab, I spy my other two children slowly and silently slinking into the kitchen to watch and become engaged in the experiment. So when I asked who wanted to check out some experiments in the Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes, I got some very enthusiastic responses from my children. 

    Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes totally brings life to science in a fun and very engaging way. The pictures that accompany each experiment help to provide a great step-by-step visual which entices the reader to want to want to jump right in and start experimenting.

    As a parent, I appreciated and valued so much about this book. There is a clear and easy to follow explanation of what’s going on in each experiment with some very witty comments that the kids will love. For instance, “This action is similar to what happens when you drink from a straw. Though we say we are “sucking” liquid up through the straw, we really aren’t. To put it simply, science doesn’t suck…it just pushes an pulls.” 

    There’s also a simple list of materials needed for each experiment and if you flip through the book you’ll see that what’s needed for many of these experiments are household items. Safety rules are provided where necessary and many of the experiments have variations so you can take it one step further. 

     I highly recommend this book.
    You can check out Lori's whole review on her blog, Lori's LOLz, here.  It's complete with pictures of the experiments and video.
    --- Steve Spangler Customer Service Team

  38. WOW! review by Steve & Carissa W. in on 6/14/2009

    Thank you so much for the book. I can't wait to show it to all the Scouts and Scouters. Steve loved the photography WOW and the experiments are well written. I loved the take it further section. It really makes you think out of the box. You did miss one warning though. There should be one "Do NOT read this book while eating. May cause choking do to laughter." That's what I get for reading it front cover to back. I always find crazy humor written in the strangest places. (I promise not to look directly into the sun or eat yellow snow or green for that matter) We will recommend this book to everyone we know. It is a must have book for kids and adults who haven't grown up yet (or those in their second childhood).

  39. Visually Stunning review by Ellen P. in on 4/29/2009

    What is most striking about this amazing book is the number and quality of photographs that are included. Sometimes the most difficult thing about performing an experiment or demonstration is not knowing what it looks like as you do it. This book solves that problem!

    The text is easy to read and my daughter already wants her own copy of this book! Although she has seen many of these demonstrations before (as the daughter of a science teacher), her enthusiasm is for being able to share these experiences with her friends! That makes this a priceless treasure in my world!

  40. Quality Book review by Gregg W. in on 3/2/2009

    I stopped by Steve's office the other day to pick up my order. The person at the front desk showed me a copy. Flipping through the book was amazing. My order was handed to me and I asked to spend a few minutes to keep looking through the book. If they were available for sale I would have bought one right then. I'll be back on the 13th when they are available.

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