Ultimate Halloween Party Ideas from the Spangler Effect

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us today for our live Spangler Effect where Steve shared his best science demos for Halloween. They are perfect for a Halloween party, haunted house, classroom, birthday party or just some October fun. For those of you who missed our broadcast or are looking for more information, here are the experiments and activities Steve covered today.

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Halloween Science Activity Guide | Steve Spangler ScienceIf you watched our broadcast and would like some additional information, here are some links and videos to help you out.

Dry Ice Smoking Bubbles
We know that dry ice is incredibly fun to use in experiments – it’s because of the awesome fog you get when you combine the ultra-cold ice with warm water! Now if you could only figure out a way to actually grab and hold that elusive smoke in your hands. With the Dry Ice Smoking Bubbles experiment, you can! By creating smoke-filled bubbles that you can hold in your hands, you make dry ice fun an experience that everyone can really “grasp.”

Dry Ice with warm water in Cylinders creates the perfect Mad Scientist lab for Halloween or anytime | Steve Spangler Science


Boo Bubbles
Bubbles are cool, but bubbles filled with fog are even cooler. Just imagine the cool factor going up ten fold if you could bounce and play with these bubbles. Boo Bubbles are what you get when you fill a bubble with a carbon dioxide cloud using a cloud bubble generator that we’ll show you how to make! But we saved the best for last because you’ll also learn how to roll and bounce the bubbles in your hands. It’s the combination of science and performance art!

Boo Bubbles touchable, bouncable dry ice bubbles filled with smoke. | Steve Spangler Science


Dry Ice Crystal Ball Bubble 
It’s the world’s coolest crystal ball. Create a soap film on the rim of the bucket and you’ll have what appears to be a crystal ball filled with a cloud-like mixture of water vapor and carbon dioxide.

After a dry ice crystal ball bubble pops - Halloween Science| Steve Spangler Science



Disappearing Ghost Eggs
It looks like an ordinary glass of water… crystal clear water. But hiding just below the surface of the water is an amazing collection of large, jelly-like marbles that become invisible when submerged in water. The Jelly Marbles become invisible due to an identical index of refraction with the liquid. In other words, they vanish like ghosts! As you’ll see, there’s more to this experiment than meets the eye. 

Glowing, disappearing ghost eggs | Steve Spangler Science

Glowing Pumpkins
If you’re a fan of Spangler Science, you know that we love exploding pumpkins… but we’ve also found that glowing pumpkins can be just as fun! Just add Glow Powder to your Halloween pumpkins and you’ll get a spooky Halloween display without all the mess of carving.

Decorating pumpkins - glow in the dark jack-o-lanterns | Steve Spangler Science


Oozing Pumpkins
It’s an awesome new Halloween twist on our Kid-Friendly Elephant’s Toothpaste experiment! With this demonstration, you’ll have an awesome foaming ooze seeping from the face of your jack-o-lantern and squeals of excitement coming from the face of your audience.

Oozing Pumpkins using Elephant's Toothpaste | Steve Spangler Science

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  1. Jennifer Ludwig
    Jennifer Ludwig says:

    Steve I have been sharing my “spooky science” on or around Halloween with my students for 5 years now! (Ever since I met you at one of your Orlando bootcamps.) Each year I learn something new from you and it gets better and better. Thank you for the inspiration and confidence to show the “magic” behind science. It is the #1 thing my students remember about the school year in June. 🙂


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