The "Take the Stairs" Tour Rolls into Steve Spangler Science

Blog Editor Susan Wells

All of us at Steve Spangler Science know we do not work at your average company. We don’t even work at a normal company. When you show up in the morning you never know what is in store for the day.

So when Steve made the announcement that author Rory Vaden was going to stop by and bring his large tour bus into our parking lot, we didn’t know if he was kidding or serious. At 1:30 p.m., when the huge, black tour bus pulled into our parking lot, we realized Steve was actually serious this time. We all went out to meet the bus and Rory.

Steve and Rory know each other through the National Speakers Association. Rory was in Denver to promote his book, Take the Stairs.

Take the Stairs will help you get motivated, improve your self-discipline and learn strategies for taking action in your life. The book is #1 on USA Today, #1 Wall Street Journal, #1 Amazon and #2 New York Times Best Seller. The Take the Stairs bus tour is going across the country hosting live events to raise money for America’s schools. He hosted three events in the Denver area. To see where Rory will be next and register for an event, please visit his website.

Rory gave us all a tour of his deluxe rock star bus. Did I mention that it was huge? Rory and his staff are traveling the country in style. They have a flat screen TV and Wii just in case they get bored. I wish my house was as supreme as this bus.

Steve gave Rory some science toys to help break the boredom if the Wii loses its appeal. We loaded up his bus with Screaming Balloons, BoomWhackers and Geyser Tubes. Rory gave us all a copy of his book.

Thanks, Rory, and the entire Take the Stairs team for stopping by and breaking up the doldrums of just another day at Steve Spangler Science.

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