Good Morning America Features Steve Spangler’s Insta-Snow

Television viewers of Good Morning America learned how to make snow in their living room with our very own Insta-Snow.

Each month Good Morning America highlights “Stupid Products” from Insta-Snow was one of the lucky few featured on the segment. The morning anchors had a ton of fun creating fake snow in their hands and playing with it right in the middle of a New York summer.


Insta-Snow Featured on Good Morning America and

We are proud and thankful and feel like we’ve won the Nobel Prize!

Insta-Snow Fake Snow Powder

“This product isn’t stupid… my kids would love it!”
– Good Morning America co-anchor (what’s his name??)

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  1. Lisa Britto
    Lisa Britto says:

    Thanks for posting this. I looked for the product on the ABC website but couldn’t find it. It’s actually cheaper on your website than it is on

  2. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    My son just received his new kit, 20 minutes ago, and the neighborhood is
    in my driveway playing with the Instasnow you threw in as a gift! We’ve
    almost completed all the experiements and can’t wait to try them again. Thank you!

    We are thrilled with the products, and we are literally bragging about the
    customer service! My son has already asked his Nana for “anything from the
    catalog!” I will definately continue to recomend you to anyone who will
    listen! In a age where customer service is no longer as important as the mighty
    dollar, I am overjoyed!

    Stephanie Templet


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