Launching Soda Geysers Indoors

tubes.jpgWho said mixing Mentos and Diet Coke was only an outdoor only sport? When the show management at the Javits Center found out that I wanted to launch 2-liter soda geysers on the floor of the trade show at Toy Fair, they responded with a New York “no way”. The solution was to build 18 foot clear plastic tubes to contain the eruption. That’s the first hurdle. Now all we need to do is to move 480 bottles of diet soda into the Be Amazing Toys booth. The show opens in less than 12 hours.

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  1. Jaime
    Jaime says:

    hey, where can i get one of those tubes? im gonna do a science experiment with the mentos indoors and i need one of those to demonstrate.

  2. DanceStar101
    DanceStar101 says:

    I still do not get what a SODA-POP GEYSER is?

    Can you send me back a reply and tell me what a SODA-POP GEYSER?

    Thanks Alot


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