Bubble Solution



Bubble Bubble on the Wall, Who's the Squarest of Them All?

Bubbles! Bubbles! Bubbles! My bubbles! It's one of the most memorable scenes from Finding Nemo. We also love bubbles at Steve Spangler Science. The science of bubbles is as fascinating as bubbles are engaging. First, start with a good bubble…

The Bubbles that Bond – Soapy Family Ties

Stacy Ratel and her children love bubbles. Really love bubbles. On lazy summer days, Stacy and her two children are constantly moving from activity to activity. When the weather is just right - muggy, just before a rain with little to no sun…

Secret Recipe For Making the Biggest & Best Bubble

Bubbles are magical and captivating. Who doesn’t like playing with bubbles? The key is the perfect bubble solution. Combining water and dish soap is good, but not perfect. Some people think glycerin and water works well. It’s still not perfect.…