Summer Fun



The Flashing, Color Mixing, One-of-a-Kind White Lightning Stick

By Blog Editor Susan Wells One of the biggest hits of the summer is the White Lightning Stick. On the Fourth of July, we held a small firework show in our front yard with our neighbors. Along with the traditional sparklers and black snakes,…

Kids Lose Up to Two Months of Skills – Keep Them Learning All Summer Long

By Blog Editor Susan Wells Kids look forward to it, while their parents and teachers are concerned about it. It's summer learning loss - the buzz phrase that describes what happens when kids aren't in class for two to three months over the…

The Bubbles that Bond – Soapy Family Ties

Stacy Ratel and her children love bubbles. Really love bubbles. On lazy summer days, Stacy and her two children are constantly moving from activity to activity. When the weather is just right - muggy, just before a rain with little to no sun…