New Bubble Exhibit Encourages Engaging in Science

Everyone knows I love bubbles. But then again, who doesn’t love blowing and popping bubbles?

For those who love bubbles, a new exhibit at the Denver Children’s Museum is for you.  The hands-on Bubbles Playscape is for guests of all ages. Even parents can’t help but get their hands soapy along with their kids.

Play with bubbles and water vapor, pop vapor-filled bubbles falling from the ceiling, create enormous bubbles and become encased inside a bubble.

I visited the Children’s Museum this week for a special preview of the exhibit, which was four years in the making. Curators at the museum want to encourage children to experiment with science and decided there wasn’t a better way to engage visitors than with bubbles.

Can’t get enough of bubbles? Visit my experiment on how to make your own homemade super strength bubble solution at home.

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  1. Megan
    Megan says:

    Awsome! That’s soooooooo cool! You know what I love, Insta-Snow! That’s the best snow ever! It’s not hot, cold, it’s perfect! It doesnt snow in FL! Im spending $207.90 on insta-snow products once I earn my alounce!


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