Thanksgiving Table Tricks – Egg Drop Inertia

My relatives all know that any time we are gathered around the table is a great time for me to show off my newest table tricks… Thanksgiving is no exception.  But, with something like the Egg Drop it has to be just right, so why not practice with Mark Koebrich on 9News first?  But, when the segment starts out with a broken egg before we even start the experiment, I start to wonder whether this was a good idea or not.  In the end, Mark got the egg in the glass… thanks to Newton’s laws of inertia.  But, the real trick came when I broke out my new trick.  Five glasses of water, five toilet paper rolls, and, yes, five eggs to drop into the glasses… and, it was a success.  The relatives will be so proud.

Check out the video to see a sneak peek of what my Thanksgiving afternoon will look like and read the experiment so you can try it yourself.

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  1. Jean Marie
    Jean Marie says:

    I’ve come to realize that it’s really all about the presentation. I’ve seen a dozen people do this exact demo, and I wondered why I liked Steve’s Version the most. Then I realized that it’s all about the person doing the demo. Steve, I guess this is a way to pay you a compliment. Style counts.

  2. Ashley
    Ashley says:


    I really Like this I showe It to the tudents and they really Liked Ot And also they All tied This Poject They Lovvd It


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