Hose Burst Test on Live TV – Spangler Visits Gates Labs

2-25-08-gatesrubber-madscience4.jpegAll this week on TV, I had the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at Denver-based companies who each have a cool science twist to their business. The scientists at Gates Corporation invited our cameras on a tour of the hydraulic testing labs at Gates where they demonstrated how engineers test high pressure rubber hoses for commercial use. During the segment, Joel Edwards, Vice President of Fluid Technology & Product Development and Larry Kachinski, Senior Lab Engineer pressurized a hose rated to 6,000 psi with a safety factor of 4:1. The loud burst produced a perfect rupture at nearly 28,000 psi! 

Watch the Video 

Anything that goes bang is fun, but… I was most impressed to speak with Joel Edwards, VP of Product Development, and his engineers who all share the same passion for getting students K-12 excited about careers in science and engineering. For more information about Gates Corporation, visit www.gates.com 

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  1. Pierre Fortin
    Pierre Fortin says:

    It’s pretty cool to see how everything has its bursting point. A hose could be extremely strong but can still only withstand so much pressure. It’s good to see people who are trying to get kids excited about science. We need smart kids who will eventually be able to contribute innovations to making a better world. Thanks for sharing!


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