Experiment of the Week Travels to Germany

It’s great to get your e-mails and photos of your children and students doing the science activities featured in our Experiment of the Week. These photos are from Sheila Allen, just one of a number of great teachers in the Department of Defense Schools at Ramstein AFB in Germany. Sheila writes…

“Well today was the big day and boy did the children have fun!
I think my favorite was the Expanding Ivory Soap activity, and I picked just the right kid to trick with the Do Not Open Bottle. We were doing an A-Z countdown to the end of school and so for E we did experiments, and we thought your activities really hit the high point for us! There are 9 kindergarten classes at Ramstein Elementary school (K-2) , and it is a good place for science to happen.”

Sheila Allen and her team of mad scientists are a great example of how early childhood teachers are having an incredible impact on the science concepts that young children are being exposed to in the early years of their education. Over the last 15 years, I’ve seen countless examples of early childhood teachers working hard rewriting their science curriculum to include more hands-on science experiences that prompt children to ask “what if” questions and give them the scientific tools to test out even the simplest hypothesis. Sheila Allen and thousands of teachers like her are working hard to meet and exceed the National Science Standards through their innovative teaching methods, they have a passion for learning and an ability to inspire young children… even if that means getting a little messy.

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