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Experiment of the Week Goes To Hong Kong

Suzi Wong Swint bought a heating pad in Hong Kong and realized, when she got it home, that the instructions were in Chinese! Fortunately, she remembered what to do to activate the gel and heat the pad, thanks to the Experiment of the Week.

“Thanks to your newsletter I realized that the small metal disc floating in the supersaturated solution needed to be bent to start the crystallization process (which was very fun to watch!!), and I knew just what to do to get the solid crystallized pack back into solution!!”

To quote Ms. Swint one more time: “Science Applied!”

Over the years, we’ve had some fun Experiment of the Week stories – strange information that found a real-world application. One of my favorites happened a few years ago to a teacher living in Pueblo, Colorado who used Insta-Snow to get out of a speeding ticket. Do you have a good story that you’d like us to share?

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  1. Meera Raghavan
    Meera Raghavan says:

    ‘Life is great’ Steve! Thank you for the fun science experiment. I am a teacher trainer in Maths and Science and passionate about the subjects. Got a lot of experiments to add more fun to science.
    Thank you and god bless you
    Meera Raghavan


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