Disney Features Non-Melting Snow on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Insta-Snow-1My nephew can’t seem to get enough of the Disney Channel show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  And, when I heard that Mickey and his friends were going to be playing with the Professors “Non-Melting Snow”, I was more than a little interested.  I know all about Non-Melting Snow.  Our original Insta-Snow powder is an amazing polymer that puffs up when you add water and makes a pile of fake snow in seconds.  It’s the time of year when we can barely keep Insta-Snow on the shelves with requests for yard decorations, party decorations and the sad people in Florida that won’t have a white Christmas without a little help.  Likewise, as soon as my nephew saw his buddy Mickey Mouse playing in the non-melting snow, he wanted some for his own.  Lucky for me, I just happened to have a few hundred pounds on hand, so I’m still his favorite uncle.  If your kids are demanding some of Professor Von Drake’s non-melting snow… well, now you know where to go.  Just like Mickey, Insta-Snow won’t melt, so you can play in it anytime you want.  Trust me, you’ll be the coolest uncle/aunt/mom/dad, etc. your kids have ever seen.

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