Best Science Toys for Kids

Are you looking for creative gift ideas that the kids won’t set aside on December 26th? What about the present that gives the gift of discovery and learning? Here are our Top 12 Picks that make great gifts that open minds and keep them engaged for a long time.

The Best Smart Toys for Kids this holiday season | Steve Spangler Science


Big Bucket of Science $49.99

“Just what is the Big Bucket of Science?” you might ask. Well the Big Bucket of Science is a clear one gallon bucket containing test tubes of over 10 Spangler Labs originals. Featuring favorites like Insta-Snow™, Energy Beads, Jelly Marbles, and Magic Sand, this bucket offers hours of scientific exploration and fun. The Big Bucket of Science features scientific principles like polymers, hydrophobic materials, and UV-sensitivity to help both young and old scientists alike explore the world around them while showing them that what they see is not always what they get. Recommended for ages 8 and up.


The Best Toys for Kids | Big Bucket of Science | Steve Spangler Science



My First Super Science Kit $39.99

It’s never too early to get young scientists addicted to hands-on science. My First Super Science Kit really is the perfect kit for budding scientists. The plethora of experiments, over 70 in all, are guided by the included instruction manual. Get your young scientists headed in the right direction with My First Super Science Kit! Recommended for ages 4 and up with adult supervision.

 The Best Toys for Kids | My First Science Kit | Steve Spangler Science


Pop Top Rockets $24.99

3…2…1…BLAST OFF! All it takes to launch your miniature rocket is adding some water. Before you know it, you’ll be sending all kinds of Pop Top Rockets into the air. The coolest part? The entire launch process occurs because of a chemical reaction inside of the canister! Try different mixtures of the water and fizzing tablets to create the best fuel mixture. Now all you have to do is attach the foam rocket to your canister and you’re ready for lift off. With over 20 activities the fun will last for hours and hours! Recommended for ages 8 and up.

Best Science Toys for Kids | Pop Top Rockets | Steve Spangler Science


Air Stream Machines $69.99

What do a real working hovercraft, a fan-driven car, and a miniature basketball game have in common? They’re all models you can construct using the Air-Stream Machines kit. Harness the power of air in this incredible activity kit that includes 59 building pieces, a 32-page, full-color instruction guide, and hours upon hours of fun and learning. You’ll experiment with 10 different models in all, but you have to see the hovercraft in action to believe it. Recommended for ages 8 and up.

Best Science Toys for Kids | Air Stream Machines | Steve Spangler Science

Green Energy Snap Circuit $79.99

If you think it’s too early for your kids or students to start learning about electricity and circuits, you probably haven’t checked out Snap Circuits.  And now, Snap Circuits Green introduces young scientists to renewable and alternative energy.

Snap Circuits Green features the same easy-to-use, hands-on learning experience as the original Snap Circuit kits.  The Green kit switches its focus to environmentally friendly energy sources and thinking green. Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Best Science Toys for Kids | Green Energy Snap Circuit | Steve Spangler Science

Zero Blaster $24.99

For years, Steve has made smoke rings with his famous red trash cans… now you can do it with the Zero Blaster!

 The Zero Blaster launches harmless smoke rings, made from a non-toxic, water-based “super fluid,” that range from 2-4″ in diameter. You and your fellow space cadets will love the bright blue LED and brightly colored plastic that make this smoke ring launcher a truly awesome sight! Did we mention that each smoke ring is accompanied by a ray-gun sound that can be turned on and off? Win the smoke ring war with the Zero Blaster! For ages 8 and up.
The Best Science Toys for Kids | Zero Blaster | Steve Spangler Science

Kinetic Sand $14.99

It looks like real sand, but once you pick up Kinetic Sand you quickly realize that’s it’s far from the stuff on the beach. Kids and adults alike will be enthralled with the amazing sand that moves by itself as you work and play with it. Kinetic Sand is made of 98% real sand, leaving 2% for a special, non-toxic polymer. That adds up to 100% fun and creativity. There’s no mess and you can play with it whenever… it never dries out! You’ll never be left with sand or residue on your hands, because Kinetic Sand only sticks to itself. And you don’t need to worry about allergies: there’s no gluten, no wheat, and no casein! Recommended for ages 3 and up.

The Best Science Toys for Kids | Kinetic Sand | Steve Spangler Science

Geyser Rocket Car $24.99

Steve Spangler started with the viral MENTOS® and diet soda geyser and then developed the Geyser Tube that allowed you to start the eruption from a distance. But now, Steve has found a way to harness the power of the fizzing cascade, creating the first Mentos Geyser Rocket Car. The phrase, “Start Your Engines” has never been this fun or foamy.

The whole process is a blast (literally)! From the time you open the package, you’ll have fun with the Mentos Geyser Rocket Car. Putting the durable plastic car together is simple with the step-by-step instructions, and once you have a 2-liter soda bottle strapped in, the eruption is as simple as pulling a pin. Once the eruption starts, the car rockets across the ground – WOW!  Recommended for children ages 8 and up.

The Best Toys for Kids | Geyser Rocket Car | Steve Spangler Science

T3 Transforming Solar Robot $21.99

At last, you can accomplish ultimate domination‚ of the front porch! Now you can build your own transforming robot technology with a secret weapon – renewable energy. The enemy can’t stop you if you don’t use a fossil fuel. That’s right, no batteries are required! Building the robot kit into the transforming T3 is easy, thanks to the simple instructions. Slight adjustments allow the moving parts to take action in three different modes: humanoid robot, tank robot, and scorpion robot. Show the citizens of the front porch you are an eco-friendly ruler with the T3 transforming robot. Batteries not included‚ or needed! Ages 10 and up.

The Best Science Toys for Kids | Solar Robot | Steve Spangler Science



Instant Snow Day $19.99

It can be troublesome (and a bit soggy) to carry around a pail of real snow, but that’s not the case with the Instant Snow Day featuring our amazing Insta-Snow® Powder. The Instant Snow Day pail contains 375 grams of snow – that’s enough for over 8 gallons of fluffy, artificial snow that looks and feels like the real thing. It’s even cool to the touch! Once you start playing with the stuff, you just can’t put it down.

Creating your Instant Snow Day is simple and fun. The clear quart-sized pail has everything you need including mixing instructions, scientific explanation and the measuring blue scoop to make sure that you mix-up a perfect batch every time! Ages 4 and up.

Best Science Toys for Kids | Instant Snow Day | Steve Spangler Science

TK2 Microscope $119.99

Engage young scientists with a guided adventure into microscopes and the microscopic world with the TK2 Microscope and Biology Kit. The TK2 Microscope is high-powered yet incredibly easy to use, making it the perfect microscope for continued observation of the details that compose the world. Sporting a 10x power ocular lens and three objective lenses of 4x, 10x, and 40x, the TK2 Microscope has a maximum magnification of 400x! Dual LED lights, above and below, illuminate the specimen for optimum visuals. In addition to the 400x maximum magnification, the TK2 Microscope is battery operated and incredibly lightweight, yet sturdy, for easy transportation and increased mobility. Ages 10 and up.


Best Science Toys for Kids | TK2 Microscope | Steve Spangler Science

Chemistry Kit CHEM C1000 $59.99

The CHEM C1000 may just be the best way for young scientists to dive into the captivating world of science and chemistry. In this fascinating kit, Professor Probenius will guide you through 125 awe-inspiring experiments. Learn how to build a mini fire extinguisher, make water flow uphill, float a soap-powered boat and entertain your friends and family with amazing chemistry “magic” tricks. Discover how to identify the elements in different chemical substances with brilliant flame tests, and then use chemical reactions to make an American flag mysteriously appear. Ages 10 and up.


Best Science Toys for Kids | Chemistry Set | Steve Spangler Science


6 replies
  1. Mary
    Mary says:

    Though ‘Snap Circuit’ set is recommended for 7-8 y.o. (typical for such toys), can be interesting even for 4…5yo. Especially if you can show and explain about electricity in simple words. Just don’t play too long, stop several minutes before kid gets tired.

  2. Danielle Roberts
    Danielle Roberts says:

    My daughter is turning two next month, her ABSOLUTE FAVORITE thing in the entire world is the human brain… I am looking for an engaging, age appropriate, educational toy to get for her, any ideas?

  3. musicmakers
    musicmakers says:

    Susan Wells, Such a great post!!

    Best science toys for kids to discover and learn. I like your all 12 smart toys like Big Bucket of Science, My First Super Science Kit, Pop Top Rockets, Air Stream Machines, Green Energy Snap Circuit and etc. These Educational toys for babies are very helpful to enhance their mind’s creativity.

  4. Janet
    Janet says:

    Great post Susan, this brings back a lot of memories when I was a kid. I just couldn’t afford all these cool toys when I would see them in Toys R u. but in school the science class had some stuff similar to these and I had a lot of fun.

    Great post and thanks for sharing.

  5. Brendan Alexis
    Brendan Alexis says:

    Fantastic post Susan,

    The Green Energy Snap Circuit is my top favorite! So much fun and extremely educational and also easy to follow instructions. My kid is obsessed with Snap Circuit and simply won’t stop play and create. The best thing is that I took away and hid his Ipad when he got the Snap Circuit and he doesn’t even ask for the Ipad anymore!

  6. KnuckleStrutz Building Toy Sets
    KnuckleStrutz Building Toy Sets says:

    Love this post guys. We would like to share ours with you if you do not mind.

    The Knucklesturtz building toys really allow children to expand their thinking by creating shapes and using unique connections. The shapes you can build make also make this a great educational construction toy. You can also combine the smaller shapes into larger ones creating big models. We would like to share KnuckleStutz with you. New educational building toy sets for any age and adults.


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