A Variety of Results with Insta-Snow Powder

Steve Spangler’s Insta-Snow is not only a useful science experiment, science fair project, gardening or decorating activity; it is also a ton of fun!  When you play with it using martini glasses, it’s even more fun.  Okay, they were plastic martini glasses from the dollar store.  Tell me these aren’t elegant.

A blue scoop of Insta-Snow, and we're ready to go!

A blue scoop of Insta-Snow, and we’re ready to go!

I always get the bucket of Insta-Snow because I use it all the time for a variety of different reasons. So I need a lot of it.bucket of Insta-SnoqMy daughter and two of her friends came by the other day with gooseberries to be made into pie, and strawberries to be made into jam, and these projects require a mommy if they’re to be successful.  While waiting for the pie to bake and the jam to gel, we brought out the Insta-Snow because Insta-Snow pretty much guarantees a good time.

Sara is used to Steve Spangler Science experiments and projects, but Mary and Arwa were newbies.  Sometimes I’m not sure who is more fun to do experiments with – the old pros or the beginners, but I think it’s a tie.

All three young ladies put the exact same amount of snow into their martini glasses and added the exact same amount of water.  Naturally, they ended up with three different reactions.

Sara’s glass was full of slush.  Mary’s glass was half-full of snow and half-full of powder.  But Arwa – the Insta-Snow powder in Arwa’s glass swelled and overflowed into the plate and she ended up with a pile of perfect Insta-Snow.

Arwa Merriman, polymer scientist!

Arwa Merriman, polymer scientist!

Even though it seemed that each girl was doing exactly the same thing, Sara actually put too much water in her glass and Mary stopped and started too much.  But Arwa did it exactly right and her results are proof of that.

I was kind of surprised at Sara’s results – she grew up in this house and has done Steve Spangler Science experiments all her life!  But to be fair, she was concentrating on her pizza. . . .

Mary is a beginner, so I cut her some slack.  She also had her wisdom teeth removed that day so we’re not really sure she was mentally focused.

Arwa is a beginner, too, but she turned out to be absolutely excellent at following directions, and she also has a lovely innate instinct for doing things well.  And she did.

Insta-Snow, Arwa's glass


Just look at that.  Don’t you wish you had some Insta-Snow?  You can, you know.  You can order some Insta-Snow right here!   Just choose how much you want and proceed from there.

Science experiments, remember, are just that:  experiments.  We think we are doing the same thing in the same way, but the truth is, there will always be variations, big and small, and even the smallest variation can mean a different result.

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Spangler Science Club


Go on, click both of those links and sign up!  Then you and your family can play with Insta-Snow and other awesome things, too!

Families that do science experiments together have more fun.  Seriously.  They do.

We do.  You can, too.  Go for it!

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