Enter to Win UV Beads from Steve Spangler Science & UV Skinz

Editor’s Note – Because our entrants have been so excited about this contest, the deadline has been extended to midnight on July 16th!

When UV Skinz approached us about our Color Changing UV Beads, we knew we had a great match for an internet contest.  The great folks at UV Skinz were excited to experiment with our products and share their findings with us.  They did such a great job that we packed up a contest prize worth $50 to send to the winner of the Steve Spangler Science, UV Skinz UV Energy Beads Giveaway!  We are really excited for this internet-only contest, so there are lots of ways you can win…

How to Enter!

Visit www.SteveSpanglerScience.com, browse, and then leave a comment below with a different product or experiment you would like to try besides the UV Energy Beads.

Additional Entries: (Entry #1 must be completed first. Leave a comment for each entry…Each of your comments is your official entry!)

*Sign-up for the Steve Spangler Science Experiment of the Week (1 entry)

*Subscribe to the Steve Spangler RSS feed (1 entry)

*Add the UV Skinz button to your blog (1 entry)

*Add the Steve Spangler Science Widget to your blog (2 entries)

*Follow UV Skinz and/or Steve Spangler Science on Twitter and TWEET this contest! (1 entry + up to 3 additional accepted daily)

*Leave a comment about the contest on Steve Spangler’s Facebook fan page (5 entries!)

*Blogging about or emailing the contest with hyperlinks to UV Skinz and Steve Spangler Science (Worth 10 entries!)

Copy and Paste this email/blog entry…

Bring out the UV Detective inside of you with the Steve Spangler UV Energy Beads! Steve Spangler science toys are an excellent way to introduce science in a fun way that kids understand. Read about the experience mom blogger Kalisha at UV Skinz had with these cool science toys and enter to WIN UV Energy Beads for your children! Giveaway ends July 12. Open to U.S. only.

One winner will be chosen!

*I will be using a random number generator (random.org) to select the winner. The winner will be emailed and also announced on here on Monday July 13, 2009.

  • Contest ends at 11:59pm on Sunday July 12,2009. If the prize is not claimed in 48 hours a new winner will be chosen.
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  1. Lorraine
    Lorraine says:

    The Solar Robot-Happy Hopping Frog would be a very cool project to build. Wouldn’t mind a solar powered water pump for the pond…do you have adaptable projects like that to spark my kids imaginations. Who knows we could build a solar village from one little frog 😉

  2. Lonne Martinec
    Lonne Martinec says:

    I just love the one breath Bernoulli bag — it is so amazing and would leave such an impression on the students. Not only would they be learning about the properties of air molecules, but they would also see a reinforcement of why you should never make snap judgements in science! I definitely wanrt to try this product.

  3. Sarah Thomas
    Sarah Thomas says:

    1st Entry: Besides the UV beads, which are totally awesome, I’d love to do the Laminar Flow experiement. I know the physics is way beyond my elementary students, but come on, turning back time? even if they don’t fully understand why it happens it is still cool! SSS team can you sell the jar and crank aparatus on the website?

  4. Sarah Thomas
    Sarah Thomas says:

    2nd Entry: I’ve been signed up for the Experiment of the week for some time now. That’s how I found out about the Laminar Flow (i’ve watched it many times and am still amazed). Corn syrup is far out!

  5. Sarah Thomas
    Sarah Thomas says:

    3rd Entry: Added Steve’s RSS feed to my google homepage. Thanks to Science at Sea I know all about RSS feeds. Ohh…it looks nice on my Google homepage. Now I’ll see whats going on everytime I open firefox. I heart technology.

  6. Sarah Thomas
    Sarah Thomas says:

    4th Entry: Added a UV Skinz button to my brand spanking new blog, I’m getting to be a pro on “the box” as I like to call it. When school starts I will be using the blog in our program (I hope)

  7. Barb Cadel
    Barb Cadel says:

    I don’t teach Science, but have to get some Instant Snow to use with my students this year!

    PS Mamcita sent me!

  8. Alex Nash
    Alex Nash says:

    yes, sunscreen isn’t always enough, is often not used correctly and some folks have skin allergies or sensitivities to chemicals that sunscreens can contain. i think these are wears that are not made with any chemicals or lotions. The UV protection is in the tight weave of the fabric. Wearing UV protective clothing, such as our fun, cool UV Skinz sun protective swim shirts,and they looks stylish toooooo, i will sure go for it…

    thanks for sharing it…

  9. Maureen Connolly
    Maureen Connolly says:

    Can’t pick just one thing I’d like to try! There are way too many fun things in Steve’s store. I’m always recommending it to other teachers and parents. But I would like to try the glo germ lotion to help kids understand how easy it is to transfer germs, and I will be doing the bacteria growth experiments using nutrient agar and petri dishes this year. I have already introduced the Quirkles to our preschool and will continue with that this year. Thank you Steve for your enthusiasm, great videos and experiment descriptions, and for all the great stuff in your store! I love it.

  10. Erin
    Erin says:

    I would love to try the cloud in a bottle experiment. I tried this previously using a different method, and was not successful. I’ve seen Steve Spangler do this and was amazed by how well it worked.

  11. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    I’ve signed up for the Science Experiment of the Week, Subscribed to the Steve Spangler RSS feed, Posted a bulletin on MySpace with the UVSKin button, Added Steve Spangler Widget to the same bulletin as well as added it to my Facebook page, I follow UV Skin and Steve Spangler Science on Twitter and Tweeted the contest, I finally found the right Facebook fan page to comment on. I couldn’t get the hyperlinks to work on facebook and the widget is on facebook but looks scrunched. The widget on MySpace looked blank but put it on there anyways.

    Thank you for having this contest.

  12. Petie Schuessler
    Petie Schuessler says:

    The students in my Kindergarten class would love using the UV beads. All of the Steve Spangler products that I have purchased have been a big hit with the children. I would love to try the Airzooka! The children would go wild!!!

  13. Kimlarie
    Kimlarie says:

    My son just went to a friends birthday party, where all the games were experiments and materials from you site. He stated, “This is the best birthday party I have ever been too!” Tall words for a nine year old boy! :)He is hooked and excited about learning more about science!

  14. Alyssa Rennecker
    Alyssa Rennecker says:

    Hi Kimlarie,

    Thanks so much for your kind words. I am so glad that your son had such fun at the party! It’s really great that he is showing such an interest in science, keep up the good work!

    ~ Alyssa, Editor


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