Caring Strategies Summer Camp Uses Energy Beads to Teach Power of Sun

The Caring Strategies Summer Camp in Louisiana, held a science summer camp this year. Caring Strategies is a non-profit center that holds trainings, camps and events throughout the year for children.

Among the activities and lessons taught in science camp this summer, the children learned about UV rays, the power of sunlight and the need to use sunscreen. Each student made a bracelet out of Color Changing UV Beads. The teachers at Caring Strategies explained UV light to the students, then had them come up with their own theories and hypothesis for what would happen when the white beads were taken outside.

After theorizing and making their bracelets with the beads, the students ventured outside. What happened next demonstrates the true Wow! factor when children are able to make their own discoveries.

For more on the program, visit the Caring Strategies website and watch their science camp video to see how the students performed their experiment and what they learned.

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