A First Look at the Geyser Tube

Our new Geyser Tube toy made it’s first public appearance at the Toy Fair in New York this morning. If you’ve ever tried to do the Mentos Geyser experiment, you know that it’s tough to a handful of Mentos candies into the bottle of soda before it starts to erupt. The Geyser Tube is a trigger device that holds a stack of Mentos candies directly above the opening of the bottle. Just pull the pin and the Mentos instantly drop into the soda and the soda geyser shoots up through the nozzle at the top of the tube.

Over the past year, we’ve come up with many ways The Geyser Tube attaches to the top of any 2-liter bottle and holdsof sodatrigger device that suspends a stack of Mentos candy above the open bottle of soda. When you pull the pin, the Mentos drop and the erupting soda is funneled updevice that holds

Steve Spangler, a science editor for a Colorado TV station and a toy maker on the side, this week demonstrated his “Geyser Tube” at the Toy Fair in New York. His toy is a plastic tube that can hold nine Mentos candies. A pin holds the candy in place while the tube is screwed to the top of the soda bottle. The opposite end is a narrow opening that acts like a nozzle.

A string is attached to the pin and when pulled, the Mentos plop to the bottom of the bottle, triggering the reaction. The Geyser Tube retails for $4.95 and can be purchased online at Stevespanglerscience.com.

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  1. Elisha
    Elisha says:

    I am a 9th grade physical science teacher in Costa Mesa, CA. I am proud to say that for our semester science project I gave the option for the project groups to choose to do the mentos diet coke experiment among other experiments. Nearly 90% of the class chose mentos diet coke so I knew I needed to order some of your Geyser Tubes for the experiments and so I did. The Geyser Tubes offered us the experimental consistency we needed in order to produce a quantitative analysis of two different treatments using the Geyser Tubes, Mentos, and various sodas. The students tested the following treatments: Diet Coke vs Coke, Diet Coke vs Diet Rite, Room temperature Diet Coke vs Chilled Diet Coke, Diet Coke with 3 Mentos vs Diet Coke with 10 mentos, and Diet Coke with Mentos vs Diet Coke with Poprocks candy. The students had a blast and had a great opportunity to apply their knowledge of the scientific method.

    Thanks for your all your hard work and professionalism in making science fun for all ages!

    Mr. Coon


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