What's the Most Important Thing to Carry on the Ship?

Sail and Sign is Carnival’s cashless onboard credit program which allows you to charge purchases directly to your personal account for convenience throughout the cruise.   Its actually quite handy!

Registration for this card will take place on June 16th at sign in.  The completed application form (included in the cruise documents) must be submitted along with a 1) credit card, 2) U.S. currency, or 3) traveler’s checks.  Personalized Sail & Sign cards will be provided to all guests (including minors) and are valid for use immediately upon boarding the ship.

The Information Desk can give you your balance update at any time throughout the cruise.

All charges placed on your Sail and Sign will automatically be billed to your credit card at the end of the voyage. On the final morning of the cruise, a statement detailing all purchases made with the Sail and Sign card will be delivered to your stateroom. The total amount will be applied to the credit card you presented during registration. For those guests who put down a cash deposit – if there is an overpayment at the end of the cruise – you will receive the overpayment in the form of a check attached to your detailed statement on the final morning of your cruise.

Credit Cards are accepted as a form of deposit to open a Sail and Sign Account at the start of your cruise. The following credit cards are accepted:  Visa, MasterCard, Discover® Network, American Express, Diner’s Club, Optima Card.  The American Express “Persona Select” is not an acceptable credit card and regular ATM debit cards are not acceptable.   You can use a checking account debit card as long as it is a registered MasterCard or Visa card.
Upon completion of the Sail and Sign Application Form, you agree to pay for the individuals indicated on the form; it is not necessary for these individuals to be booked in the same room as the cardholder.

Important Note: A hold will be placed on the credit card or checking account debit card at the beginning of the cruise as a deposit for an onboard purchase. This will reduce the amount of available credit on the credit card or restrict the availability of cash in the checking account. The hold will be released and actual charges will be billed at the end of the cruise.

For our 7 day cruise, a $200 deposit per person will be used when your Sail and Sign Account is opened.

U.S. Currency and traveler’s checks are also accepted as a form of deposit to open a Sail and Sign Account. As you approach your deposit limit, the Information Desk will notify you that additional money must be deposited.

The Sail and Sign Card must be utilized for the following during your cruise (cash/credit cards will not be an accepted form of payment):  Beverage purchases (a 15% gratuity will automatically be added to the bill which the guest may adjust appropriate to the service received).  Shore excursion tours.  In-room calling charges.  Infirmary charges.  Valet laundry charges.  Photo purchases  (on debarkation day, cash is only accepted).  Video service.  Gift Shops.  Spas and salons.  Formality Shop (flowers; tuxedo; chocolates).  European Cafe (specialty coffees and pastries).  Supper Club.  Camp Carnival babysitting fees.  Gratuities for shipboard staff.  Casino – to purchase chips for the tables and coins for the slot machines (cash is also accepted in the casino).

Your Sail and Sign Card will also serve as your Boarding Card. This card identifies you as a Carnival guest and must be carried with you along with a picture identification when you go ashore.  Because the ship is closed to the public while docked at the various ports-of-call, you’ll have to show your Sail & Sign Card and picture I.D. to the officer on duty in order to return onboard.  BEST ADVICE:  TAKE THIS EVERYWHERE YOU GO!

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