What About Motion Sickness?

Today’s ships are built to combat, as much as possible, the causes of motion sickness.  In my personal cruise experiences, you will truly be hard-pressed to even know you are on a floating vessel!!

Having said that, very rarely, people do experience motion sickness if the ship encounters really, really rough seas.  And again, from personal experience (although not cruise-related) motion sickness is just not fun!  So…I thought I would pass along some tips for those of you that are prone to motion sickness:

1.  PLEASE make a doctor appointment before June.  Tell your doctor you are going on a cruise and would like both a motion sickness preventative and something to take if you do get motion sick.  Your doctor can prescribe behind-the-ear patches, pills, etc., that can save the day if you happen to be one of the very few that ends up feeling the waves a bit too much.  Tell your doctor you would like something for day and night (something that won’t and will put you to sleep!).  Meeting with your doctor ahead of time is much better than waiting until you’re on the ship!

2.  If you have never experienced motion sickness, it might not hurt to toss in a pack of Dramamine (just in case; my thought is that if I pack it, I wont need it!).  Keep in mind that Dramamine is sold in “regular” (this stuff WILL put you to sleep) or in a “less drowsy” formula.  Im not certain what “less drowsy” means…?  You can also purchase motion sickness wrist bands that may (or may not) help.

3.  If, while on board, you do start to feel uneasy, GET TO THE BACK 3/4 OF THE SHIP right away!  Know that the front of the ship is the worst place to be if you don’t feel good!  It helps some folks to get fresh air (an open deck), or to stand in front of a fan/moving air (if you can find one), too.

4.  Note that while on board, the Medical Infirmary has daily office hours, which are listed in the daily newsletter you will receive in your room (called “Carnival Capers”). The medical staff is on-call 24 hours a day for emergencies.  The Infirmary will give you, free of charge, Meclizine (Bonine).  You can also request Bonine through Room Service or the Information Desk, again, free of charge.  A motion sickness shot can be administered to those who are really sick, but this is NOT preventive medicine.  There is a fee for this shot. The Infirmary does not have motion sickness patches nor wristbands.

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