Continuing Education Credits Available to Colorado Teachers for Attending Science at Sea

cde-licensureOne of the Science at Sea participants from Colorado called today to let us know about continuing education credit that is available through the Department of Education for educational travel. Translation… she’ll receive credit for attending Science at Sea! After reviewing the Science at Sea educational itinerary and curriculum posted on our website, Lisa’s Principal said that she would be happy to approve this experience for professional development credit.

Download the Colorado Department of Education License Renewal Form

Here’s the section of the License Renewal Form that addresses educational travel…

Professional license holders may use travel experiences, which must relate to your endorsement area.  Travel time to and from the destination shall not be included in the clock hours accumulated. Evidence of travel must include copies of airline tickets or hotel receipts or passport, etc and a copy of the curriculum created as a result of the educational travel activity and a letter from your Principal or Administrator verifying approval of the educational travel.  For your convenience please use the form on page 14. Ninety (90) clock hours of professional development may be earned for educational travel. One semester hour of professional development may be earned for each 15-clock hours of participation.

If you’re not in Colorado, search your State Department of Education website to see if a similar opportunity is available to you.

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