Can I Use and Earn my Carnival Cruise Frequent Flyer Miles?

Yes, even Carnival will let you earn “miles” with their Carnival Credit Card.  If you’re interested in a Mastercard that will earn you “Sea Miles,” redeemable on your upcoming cruise (or other future cruises, air travel or other vacations), check it out on their Carnival Sea Miles Site or call 1-866-603-7215.

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  1. Joana@Princess Cruise
    Joana@Princess Cruise says:

    I would like also to redeemable my earn carnival cruise frequent. If I can get Carnival Seas Miles address, I like to go directly to their office and need to know more information.

    Joana Lee

  2. Toronto Cruises
    Toronto Cruises says:

    It is a really nice offer if it is still available. I will check it out now.. Thanks for sharing though..

  3. Ron and Patricia Cox
    Ron and Patricia Cox says:

    Just a cautionary note, Carnival and Barclays do not really want you to use the sea miles. They will cancel the card and your miles.

    We normally cruise every two years, and had accumulated points on the Carnival Sea Miles Master Card issued by Barclays Bank. Having enough miles to redeem for our next vacation, we stopped using the Master Card. That was a big mistake.

    In the terms of conditions, Carnival and Barclay have the right to cancel the card and your miles, if you don’t use the card. It is supposedly in the terms of conditions, but unfortunately, we didn’t read all the fine print.

    After receiving notice from Barclays that they had cancelled the card, we called and they said the terms of conditions allowd them to cancel the card, and it could not be re-instated. And in addition all the accumulated miles were lost.

    They were very unconcerned and stated there was nothing we could do. Our cruise was not lost, according to them, because we had not used the card. To us, we have lost our cruise that we had earned by using the Carnival Sea Miles card.

    After talking to several other folks, seems this is quite common. They will do anything to keep from honoring the accumulated points. This is very strange to us, as the cruise is really the cheapest part of our vacation. Our onboard charges and excursions usually triple the cruise costs.

    If anyone knows of any recourse, we would appreciate hearing of your experiences or suggestions on how to recover our lost vacation.

    Our American Express Card sure looks to be a better company in both customer service, reliability, and ethics.


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